En route to Northumberland walk last year. Geordie lasses thought it was a Ferrari..... Pet.

posted on 05/04/2021 by dennisgrant

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JohnH   on 06/04/21 @ 12:13 said:

That's a lot of luggage on a wee bike !!!!

dennisgrant   on 06/04/21 @ 19:50 said:

It was John. Especially as I ended up NOT camping! Still it was a good trip. And exhausting.

JohnH   on 06/04/21 @ 22:33 said:

Hi Dennis,
That's the way it goes sometimes 😂. For touring I've a hybrid bike and it's built like a tank so I can get plenty of stuff on it and I always end up with stuff I don't use

dennisgrant   on 07/04/21 @ 10:23 said:

Hi John. Yes my intention had been to wild camp because sites were still closed. I cycled through the Yorkshire Wolds and Moors. I found that some places above Middlesboro were not the sleepy little hamlets that I thought they would be. I found one village felt spooky with gangs of kids milling around and decided B&B beats camping. I thought I was just becoming neurotic and old.
2 weeks ago the headlines were that an ex paratrooper had his house burnt down for complaining about anti social behaviour in that village. The police had to issue dispersal notices to maintain order .I hate to think what they would have done to my tent!(and me).
The thing is I only know delightful people from Boro😎

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