Answers on a postcard please!

Can anyone tell me the likely purpose of this strange ‘tank’ ? Approx 5m (16’ in old money) with no obvious taps or outflows just the two chimney like ‘vents’ on top. Informed or imagined suggestions would be good 🤔

posted on 02/04/2021 by Sunny Speyside

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JohnH   on 02/04/21 @ 19:44 said:

Since the only outlets/inlets are at the top it was most likely some underground storage for fluids such as petrol, what to me is more puzzling is how it got where it now is🤔??
Did you see any aliens lurking about in the woods as they could have crash landed and that's all that remains of their once proud intergalactic craft. I can't decide which is the more likely 😂

Sunny Speyside   on 03/04/21 @ 18:28 said:

JohnH: no aliens but just before spotting this I did come across a pure white pheasant, which was a first for me.

dennisgrant   on 03/04/21 @ 19:31 said:

I saw Ringo Starr heading your way with a pot of yellow paint. No idea why.

Sunny Speyside   on 03/04/21 @ 20:54 said:

dennisgrant: 😊

JohnH   on 03/04/21 @ 21:16 said:

How could it be a pure white pheasant when the hairdressers don't open till this coming week, perhaps it got its feathers dyed in some illegal salon, such as the big tank!!! 😂😂

top_spot (john)   on 05/04/21 @ 10:05 said:

Clearly a "think tank" as so many of us have been thinking about it.

Sunny Speyside   on 06/04/21 @ 8:54 said:

top_spot (john): So long as it is not a septic tank that I was clambering over while trying to get a look inside 😮

JohnH   on 06/04/21 @ 12:11 said:

If it was, at least you didn't fall in 😂

Blue John   on 06/04/21 @ 23:14 said:

It's the new stealth tank, leaves no tracks 😊

Sunny Speyside   on 07/04/21 @ 11:58 said:

Blue John: Ahhh! a stealth tank disguised as a submarine 🤔 mmm!

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