Somewhere on the Wayfarer's Walk - North Wessex Downs

Sometime it's just about being in the right place at the right time!

posted on 29/06/2020 by MTB-Greg

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dennisgrant   on 29/06/20 @ 18:10 said:

Lovely composition.The farmer will be furious!

MTB-Greg   on 29/06/20 @ 21:07 said:

Ah well now, luckily he wont :)
That was about half way round a 100 mile ride, I crested over a shallow hill and saw the horse & rider off in the distance, as I freewheeled down from the crest I found the bridleway I was on was getting lower in the oil seed rape ... and then everything aligned!
From that angle we can't see that there is a double track bridleway across the field, one of many times I wished I had a proper camera with my rather than my point & shoot, still it came out well considering! 📷

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