Where am I

posted on 22/05/2020 by Dale

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TrotOn   on 22/05/20 @ 22:21 said:

I love wild poppies! My neighbour and I spread them around our village.
I'm looking at the large powerline, so I'm guessing you might be close to your home?

Dale   on 22/05/20 @ 22:36 said:

TrotOn: me too, love the
Poppies. Not sure where it is actually, I have a few like this in my gallery so it was just a trick one really 😆😆

Helvellyn40   on 23/05/20 @ 8:37 said:

Dale: I was thinking you where lost in a field of poppies.

Dale   on 23/05/20 @ 9:41 said:

Helvellyn40: ha, well I have purposely lost myself in a field of poppies before 🙃🙃😆

Miss T   on 23/05/20 @ 14:34 said:

Lovely photo Dale....& thank you for contributing to the Where was I game🙂
I’m struggling to find the photos as they keep getting buried by crap!☹

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