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Hmmmmm I wanted to Change my profile picture to this one from last weekend with OD. I’ve done this before quite easily but now can’t seem to find the right buttons to click. Can anybody tell me how please🤭

posted on 10/07/2019 by Dale

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catwalker   on 10/07/19 @ 17:50 said:

Dale, you’re so lovely and bubbly, this shot would be perfect for your profile pic! Hope someone can steer you. Great sharing Lovesupreme festy with you and hope to see you again soon xxx

catwalker   on 10/07/19 @ 17:52 said:

catwalker   on 10/07/19 @ 17:53 said:

Just tried voting your pic to spot on but it won’t let me

Miss T   on 10/07/19 @ 20:22 said:

Dale, go to your profile page and click on the head & shoulders icon (top right of page).
Select 'Edit My Profile', then select 'Profile Pictures'.
You should then be on the remove/upload/update your profile picture section, which is pretty straightforward.

Glyn2   on 10/07/19 @ 21:06 said:

Great photo Dale! 😎

Dale   on 11/07/19 @ 8:32 said:

catwalker: you are so kind and such great company! thank you. We certainly had fun and made the most of a great festival weekend x

Dale   on 11/07/19 @ 8:36 said:

Glyn2: thank you my dear x , that thing makes the most beautiful bubbles

Dale   on 11/07/19 @ 8:41 said:

Miss T: your answer was perfect, yay... I managed it. It’s been too long since I walked with you, I miss your lovely company. I will make a point of meeting up with you as soon as my busyness settles down xx

Miss T   on 11/07/19 @ 21:34 said:

Dale: I'll look forward to it!

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