Blackpool. 12.05.19. Me and my lovely Bruno

posted on 12/05/2019 by Try to find the same direction

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liveit   on 14/05/19 @ 18:14 said:

Nice old boy

Mark63   on 14/05/19 @ 19:31 said:

Proper chocolate lab totally chilled out enjoying his walk with his mum. A breed of dog on their own very special

Mark63   on 14/05/19 @ 19:33 said:

Oops I apologise should have said special like hos mum

Try to find the same direction   on 15/05/19 @ 20:14 said:

It is not chocolate lab. My Bruno is German Pointer

Mark63   on 15/05/19 @ 23:41 said:

Again sorry but it does not change a special picture of the two of you enjoying a day together Where is the smiley face with foot in mouth .

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