Swiss Alps

posted on 07/01/2019 by Stephen

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Stephen   on 07/01/19 @ 10:28 said:

August 2018

Would anyone care to suggest what the mountains are and where it's taken from?!

Helvellyn40   on 07/01/19 @ 13:33 said:

Stephen: An interesting question Stephen,i'v just looked through Martin Moran's guide to the 4000m peaks of the alps,and i'am still non the wiser. At first i thought one of them could be the Matterhorn, but it could be the Ober Gabelhorn, so what area did you visit last August?

TrotOn   on 07/01/19 @ 20:06 said:

Stephen: Congratulations on taking a panoramic view, firstly. You appear to have "finally" embraced technology.

"What" the mountains are: Quite simply.....rock (won't expand further as you were teaching this within the last 10 years)

"Taken from".....your very modern camera, without the need to post off for development.

Your photo would make a nice image on a mug....or two.

TC   on 07/01/19 @ 22:08 said:


Stephen   on 10/01/19 @ 10:33 said:

TC - it's not Konkordiaplatz, which is in the Bernese Alps and is still heavily galaciated.

Helvellyn40 - you are very close, it is in the Pennine Alps. Any more guesses from anyone?

TrotOn - I don't know how to take a panoramic view with my camera, Google Photos often sticks two or more standard photos together to produce a panoramic view, and this is one of them!

Helvellyn40   on 10/01/19 @ 12:24 said:

Stephen: Dent Blanche.

TrotOn   on 10/01/19 @ 18:54 said:

H40: How many guesses would you like?

Helvellyn40   on 10/01/19 @ 19:20 said:

TrotOn: Well Stephen said i was very close, so i assumed it was one of 2 mountains that are nearby the Ober Gabelhorn, so final guess.

Stephen   on 11/01/19 @ 15:09 said:

Helvellyn40 - I may have mislead you, you were partly correct with your first guess; it is the view looking south from the Schonbielhutte, so it's the Matterhorn on the left (Hornli ridge skyline left), the Dent d'Herens centre left and the Wandfluehorn much closer on the right.
The Dent Blanche and the Ober Gabelhorn are, of course, just to the north of and behind the Schonbielhutte.

TrotOn - the base of the Matterhorn is essentially sedimentary rock, with the upper pyramid made up of gneiss.

Helvellyn40   on 11/01/19 @ 16:12 said:

Stephen: So i was spot on with my first guess then. This is a very unusual shot of the Matterhorn, not seen a photo of it from this angle.

TrotOn   on 11/01/19 @ 20:09 said:

H40: My were right first time!! You only needed one "guess" and you were correct.

Stephen: At least you won't be taking over from Sue Barker on " A question of Sport" anytime soon!!

Stephen: Thanks for the Geology tell me about super human alcoholic content of your "legal" home made wine...if I remember correctly....running away from you at the end of The Five's all natural?

Helvellyn40   on 13/01/19 @ 11:31 said:

TrotOn: Experience should have told me that the first guess is usually correct.

Stephen   on 14/01/19 @ 9:42 said:

Ok Helvellyn40, I accept you're first guess was correct, but you did slightly hedge your bets by offering the Ober Gabelhorn as a second guess!

I agree the Ober Gabelhorn does look like the Matterhorn from some angles and I think the top 1000m is actually steeper and more impressive than the top part of the Matterhorn.

TrotOn   on 23/01/19 @ 20:04 said:

Stephen: Did you find it hard to give a "tick" on the kids homework, or was a cross more satisfying?

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