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JohnH   on 16/05/22 @ 13:10 said:

Full Middletons address:
Middleton Camping and Caravan Park
Lamlash, Isle of Arran
KA27 8NQ

JohnH   on 16/05/22 @ 13:16 said:

Thanks to Tracy for putting together this year's WhatsApp group so if we leave it intact then it will save some work for next year, we can just add the new joiners

MP  on 17/05/22 @ 13:27 said:

Can you add my number to the whatsApp group please John and so sorry I missed it this year.....sounds like you had a smashing time.

Kestrel7   on 17/05/22 @ 17:49 said:

Couldn't come this year - so planning ahead this time. Bought my motorhome 10 years ago to tour Scotland but never got further than the Lakes yet - so this will be a good target. :-)

JohnH   on 18/05/22 @ 11:05 said:

So with 17 definites a year before the trip, it is going to be another great week 😊, I'm so pleased that I've introduced the wonderful isle of Arran to many, looking forward to next year.

Nick Theatre   on 19/05/22 @ 16:12 said:

Can you add my name to the What'sApp group please.

Bridget   on 02/06/22 @ 22:56 said:

Can you add my name to WhatsApp group too please, John?

JohnH   on 03/06/22 @ 9:06 said:

Hi Bridget, that's it done, welcome to the Arran group 😀

Yorkshirelass   on 21/06/22 @ 6:18 said:

Hi John, I've heard so much about this trip, I'd love to come along next year. I've put it in my diary. 😊

JohnH   on 21/06/22 @ 13:57 said:

Hi Yorkshirelass,

Thanks, the trip went really well this year and as you can see by how many are coming back for next year, it should be another great trip.
Let me know if you need any details about travelling, accommodation or whatever.
Cheers, John.

LovingLife   on 28/06/22 @ 19:04 said:

I'd definitely be interested in this! Is it a full week? And would it be possible to just join for a few days if unable to do a full week? Not sure what my holiday dates from work will be looking like next year yet!

JohnH   on 29/06/22 @ 10:48 said:

Hi LovingLife,
People attending can come and go as they please, that was one of the reasons I set it over a weekend so if members are a bit short on holidays they can join in for a long weekend.
This year most people stayed at Middletons camp site and I think they will again for next year.
If you need any further info then just let me know

LovingLife   on 29/06/22 @ 15:18 said:

Great, thanks for the info 😊

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