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Yes - definitely: Angela, Flat cap (Mike), Janhk, Montie, lizzied, Chris50
Sorry - can't come: suz (Suzanne), Robin-Boywonder, Bike and Boat, TJN, Bea (Pebbles)
Catwalker   on 04/12/21 @ 17:48 said:

Jan sadly I canโ€™t join this one as new puppy walking up to a mile only. Heโ€™s a work in progress. I hope you have a fabulous walk and wishing you all a great time over xmas and new year ๐Ÿ™‚

Janhk   on 05/12/21 @ 10:31 said:

Glad you can join us Chris ๐Ÿ‘. Sorry you can't Cat but hope to see you when the pup is a bit older ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Bike and Boat   on 08/12/21 @ 9:11 said:

Sorry, I now definitely can't come. Self isolating!! Hope to see you all soon. ( I had some lovely sloe gin too)

Janhk   on 08/12/21 @ 12:06 said:

Ah sorry to hear that Rick, hope you're soon free, another time.

Janhk   on 08/12/21 @ 12:09 said:

And a welcome to Angela.

Angela  on 10/12/21 @ 21:42 said:

Thank you. See you tomorrow

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