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Yes - definitely: Kath_T, JohnH, happy_on_a_ridge
Yes - maybe: uphillanddown
Sorry - can't come: Bea (Pebbles)

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Bea (Pebbles)   on 06/04/21 @ 18:33 said:

I am not able to walk in the middle of the week at the mo....but that will change in June 😀
I luv that walk. Hope to see you soon on another walk 😊

JohnH   on 06/04/21 @ 20:49 said:

I've booked the campsite for the Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Re the walk, if the weather is decent I'd prefer to do the full walk rather than use the ferry.
Also if we do the walk clockwise from Pooley Bridge then we can get a bus or whatever back up from Glenridding or somewhere on the west side of the lake if we'rs running out of time or the weather turns foul.

JohnH   on 06/04/21 @ 22:38 said:

Just another thought, if we do walk down the East side of Ullswater and if you want get the ferry or bus back it means that we can start when it suits us rather than waiting for the ferry.
I was on the ferry last summer, we had to wear masks which wasn't a problem but they were limiting the numbers that they took which could be a problem.

busyBee   on 07/04/21 @ 12:56 said:

Yes plan to walk down East side

JohnH   on 07/04/21 @ 14:13 said:

Anyhoo, so far it looks like being a small group so we can make a late final decision depending on weather etc

happy_on_a_ridge   on 07/04/21 @ 14:48 said:

You are all aware the steamer doesnt start running until the 16th April.

Ill park in Pooley and ill walk down to Howtown.

JohnH   on 07/04/21 @ 19:02 said:

Oooops, I didn't know that about the ferries 🤔

happy_on_a_ridge   on 07/04/21 @ 20:08 said:

16th is the first launch. I didn't think, walked past the jetty on Sunday and saw the signs, didn't put two-and-two together. I think they are running limited service until May as well.

busyBee   on 09/04/21 @ 5:10 said:

Hi Bea, sorry you can't make this walk, will be good to meet up at some point

happy_on_a_ridge   on 11/04/21 @ 19:54 said:

Is it still going ahead? not sure what the plan is.
Is it 10am at Howtown? if so ill have to park in Pooley Bridge and walk down so ill need to allow 2 hours for that. Then no idea how we are getting back?

JohnH   on 11/04/21 @ 22:25 said:

Now that there's no ferry running I'd prefer an early start and do the full Ullswater way but we certainly need to make some arrangements.
If we walk down the east side of Ullswater as planned then we can either walk back or get a bus from Glenridding.
I suppose it will also depend on the weather but at the moment it lookls pretty good

JohnH   on 11/04/21 @ 22:28 said:

Even if we start at 10am, then that gives us at least 10 hours of daylight which is enough to complete the full Ullswater Way if you want to

JohnH   on 12/04/21 @ 8:28 said:

As far as I'm concerned the walk is definitely on, I've booked the Waterside House Camp site for the Wednesday and Thursday nights so I'll be there.

Can I suggest that rather than meeting at the ferry, which isn't running, we could meet at the bus stop opposite the Pooley Bridge General Stores and Post Office in the centre of Pooley Bridge, this is easy to find and is nearer the start of walking down the east side. As I said previously a 10am start gives us time for all options of returning to Pooley Bridge.

happy_on_a_ridge   on 12/04/21 @ 9:20 said:

That could be better. I was worried about parking at Howtown as there isnt any. I know you can get a few cars on the side of the road but it always causes issues for the Outward Bound Trust so I try not to park there. I think it would be impossible to get a space there at 10am when the weather is this good too. And then gettting back from Glenridding to Howtown would have been a bit tricky too.

busyBee   on 12/04/21 @ 10:21 said:

Ok lads.. I've changed the info, I'm still new at the organisation thing.

See you Thursday ☺️

Kath_T   on 12/04/21 @ 12:35 said:

I've also booked at Waterside so I'll see you there on Wednesday and for the walk on Thursday.

JohnH   on 12/04/21 @ 14:12 said:

Well done Busy Bee, a sterling job!! let's hope a few make it to that bus stop.
I've just had a look and the weather forecast is promising for Thursday 😀

busyBee   on 12/04/21 @ 17:03 said:

Great Kath.. see you at waterside

Kath_T   on 12/04/21 @ 17:12 said:

Slight change of plan. After booking at Waterside I found out that the toilets wouldn't be open. I'd been told previously (not by Waterside) that they would be open. I've had to cancel my booking therefore but I've booked a day's parking at Waterside instead so that I can do the walk on Thursday.

busyBee   on 14/04/21 @ 15:18 said:

Kath, the toilets are opening tomorrow morning 😊

Kath_T   on 14/04/21 @ 18:39 said:

busyBee, that's good to know, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow near Waterside. John's going to phone me when you're on your way back from Pooley Bridge. I'm looking forward to the walk.

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