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Yes - definitely: Andy W, Learnedgent, ActiveAnnie, Chamonix, Bal, Flat cap (Mike), Manners, Lazlo Woodbine, Dale, Helvellyn40, Janhk
Yes - maybe: Wild Adventuress, Loran
Sorry - can't come: Janet k, busyBee, Bea (Pebbles), DebbieJ
Lazlo Woodbine   on 16/03/21 @ 8:28 said:

With or without the thunderstorms this time Dale?

Dale   on 16/03/21 @ 9:12 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: I remember you in a sleeveless top that day, the beautiful thunder and lighting storm at the end was just an extra bonus 😀😀

Bea (Pebbles)   on 18/03/21 @ 22:45 said:

It was a beauty....and I walk along the edge of the mighty storm....while you were right in it...
But you all emerged happy and wet 🙂😊🌧 x

Flat cap (Mike)   on 19/03/21 @ 18:06 said:

Jan and I just booked an apartment in Stokesley for that week, looking forward to your walks. Went rock climbing at the Wainstones with my daughter last year, great location.

Dale   on 26/03/21 @ 17:07 said:

Flat cap (Mike): that sounds great! I’ve spent many many happy hours climbing the Wainstones over the years, I agree, great location 😀

Loran   on 07/04/21 @ 20:26 said:

oops. Dale I have booked on the main invite, but did not realise there was going to be a limit on walk numbers. I have therefore put myself down as a maybe for now, unless someone pulls out. Don't worry though, my fault for not also booking the individual walks.

Dale   on 07/04/21 @ 20:40 said:

Loran: will message you 🤔

busyBee   on 13/04/21 @ 20:45 said:

Hi Dale.
Can't get tomorrow 😨 visitors are here x

Dale   on 13/04/21 @ 22:31 said:

busyBee: aw, sad you can’t make it but have a lovely day anyway x

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