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Yes - definitely: Stephen
Yes - maybe: climbtogger, Ber123
Sorry - can't come: elswoda
Life’s an adventure !   on 30/10/19 @ 7:14 said:

Hi Stephen
I am definitely interested in this winter walking plan but would not need to stay or probably manage the week but would definitely join for the walking at the weekend or end of the week if I can manage to 😊

Thelma  on 03/01/20 @ 21:05 said:

Hi. Is this still on and is there availability for the first week? Angela

Stephen   on 14/01/20 @ 10:57 said:

Is anyone else interested in this? There are smaller cottages available at lower prices.

Thunderbird !   on 16/01/20 @ 19:22 said:

I am a new member to this site, so not sure how it all works!
But I would like to join a group for Scotland walking ( fit, but Not am experienced walker) ( skier & horse rider!!)

Stephen   on 18/01/20 @ 11:20 said:

There is some interest in this.
Can anyone who would like to go please contact me again - there are various properties available.

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