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Yes - definitely: Twenty five, danny d, Vickster, chrissy100, shelagh.goldie, suesingularity, Helvellyn40, lizzied, Shaza , Kate H, Spring, walklovemyson, going4gold
Yes - maybe: Susie Hill, Flat cap (Mike), Janhk, Lover of the outdoors
Sorry - can't come: Try to find the same direction, Dale, milvus

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Kate H   on 11/09/19 @ 17:22 said:

Yes please

going4gold   on 11/09/19 @ 17:50 said:

Thanks for this Billy - looks good

Well and Truly   on 11/09/19 @ 18:13 said:

Billy, Sandy and I will be up for this. Keep us posted

walklovemyson   on 11/09/19 @ 18:43 said:

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Dale   on 11/09/19 @ 19:04 said:

So sorry but I will have to miss it ☹️

Helvellyn40   on 11/09/19 @ 19:04 said:

Great idea Billy count me in.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 11/09/19 @ 19:28 said:

Definitely not spending a night in a doom.

Try to find the same direction   on 11/09/19 @ 21:05 said:

Will be nice to have a new experience but I planning to spend couple of months in Spain.

Bigfoot   on 11/09/19 @ 23:38 said:

Good start.

suesingularity   on 12/09/19 @ 9:24 said:

Thanks Billy..should be a good start to the new decade Since it's a long way to come and I don't fancy the train on the bank hol , am going to check myself in for some extra nights from Wednesday 1st Jan.

Spring   on 12/09/19 @ 15:54 said:

Hi Billy, I’d like to join you for walkies but I’ll go back to Kendal to sleep. 🙂

lizzied   on 12/09/19 @ 21:39 said:

Sounds great thanks Billy x

chrissy100   on 12/09/19 @ 22:38 said:

Hi Billy. I’ll be staying in b &b in Keswick.

Janhk   on 14/09/19 @ 21:09 said:

Sounds good Billy so hope to join you. Let us know when you need to know for definite.

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