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Yes - definitely: milvus, Lazlo Woodbine, andy m, busyBee, HazelC, gem1000, Flat cap (Mike), Bal, Twenty five, Dale, Glyn2, sןןɐM ʎqnᴚ, DebbieJ, top_spot (john), TC, Ultreia (Jo & Alan), Highpeakman, Well and Truly, Synagrion
Yes - maybe: art angela, Sojouner 'V', dennisgrant, C Views, TJN, Shaza , Miss T, BigBadJohn, Helvellyn40
Sorry - can't come: Vickster, Northern Soul

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Dale   on 31/08/19 @ 23:13 said:

This is a lovely walk, with possibilities for doing shorter sections of eg 7- 12 miles by using the ferries if wanted

landranger68   on 02/09/19 @ 8:19 said:

Hi as i was not on this walk,which way would be the starting point

shelagh.goldie   on 02/09/19 @ 20:48 said:

Hi. Starting at Patterdale. We walked towards Aira Force, but may go the other way round next time.

landranger68   on 08/09/19 @ 18:15 said:

I am usually based in Little Langdale around that time,but will confirm yes or no nearer the time as the cottage may have been reserved by someone

gem1000   on 27/10/19 @ 20:11 said:

Looking forward to this HazelC and I will be staying in Glenridding.

Dale   on 02/01/20 @ 17:11 said:

I’m happy to lead this. Have sent a message to Shelagh

Bal   on 02/01/20 @ 23:21 said:

Happy to still do it with you leading it Dale

gem1000   on 03/01/20 @ 6:16 said:

Dale: thank you for offering to lead

Well and Truly   on 10/01/20 @ 19:39 said:

Dale: will probably make a long weekend of it. Anybody up for a Sunday walk? and I'll sort one out

Dale   on 10/01/20 @ 20:02 said:

Well and Truly: that’s fab. I was thinking the same about making a weekend of it so I think that would be great if you fancy putting a Sunday invitation up 😀

Bal   on 10/01/20 @ 23:00 said:

Well and Truly-yeah I’d be up for a Sunday walk.

gem1000   on 11/01/20 @ 9:49 said:

Well and Truly: that would be great

Well and Truly   on 11/01/20 @ 20:56 said:

I fancy doing High Street again, and it's in the same area. Last time I did it, it was covered in 6 inches of snow, but with beautiful clear blue skies and difficult to find the path. Watch our for posting 😀

Well and Truly   on 11/01/20 @ 21:06 said:

A High Street loop from cow bridge car park will be about 7-8 miles.

Well and Truly   on 13/01/20 @ 10:20 said:

I've booked my camper into Gillside Farm campsite in Patterdale for the weekend. Mike, fancy joining me? In your own van of course!!

Dale   on 13/01/20 @ 10:48 said:

For those of you considering making a weekend of it, there are the Patterdale and Hellvelyn YHA’s. Patterdale is the better one as it is a very short walk to the Patterdale car park which is where the Saturdays walk will start from. ( the car park is £4.50 , all day, for day trippers ) The road up to HYHA is full of holes and bumps and my car tracking went last time I was up there. A really lovely YHA if you don’t mind the road up. There are a few camp sites, hotels and b and b’s in the vicinity.

Dale   on 13/01/20 @ 10:56 said:

Oh dear, just tried to book and both YHA’s only available for exclusive hire until 19.3.20....... back to the drawing board

Highpeakman   on 13/01/20 @ 18:53 said:

Rob: Elsie and I are your noisy neighbours for the weekend!!!

HazelC   on 13/01/20 @ 21:05 said:

Hi, I have put my name down for this walk and just checking I can bring along my dog, a German shorthaired pointer? Please let me know if anyone has any objections. Thanks Hazel

Dale   on 13/01/20 @ 22:16 said:

HazelC: any dog, as long as it brings a responsible dog owner is very welcome 😀😀 looking forward to meeting you

Flat cap (Mike)   on 14/01/20 @ 22:31 said:

Hi all,

a) I'm interested in a Sunday walk

b) Well&truly: yup, I may use the campsite as well.

I noticed that Gillside Farm has a bunkhouse if that would help:
"Our bunkhouse has two bunk rooms sleeping 7 and 13. There is a modern electric kitchen and plenty of parking is available for both cars and minibus."

Dale   on 15/01/20 @ 19:51 said:

Flat cap (Mike): that’s a good find, thanks for that. I’ve made other arrangements now but others may be interested

TC   on 15/01/20 @ 22:19 said:

Hi Dale, I'm now a definite and looking forward to seeing everyone. DebbieJ and Milvus, hope you can make it, it's been far too long.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 17/01/20 @ 8:18 said:

My attendance will be dependent on the NHS. If they haven't carved me up by then I will be there.

Dale   on 17/01/20 @ 9:05 said:

TC: Yay! Be great to see you again and Lazlo Woodbine: That’s a bit worrying!!! I expect the NHS will do their best to get you back in one piece. There’s always the ferry for a scenic trip around Ullswater ⛴

busyBee   on 21/01/20 @ 20:35 said:

I'm booked onto Gillside too

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 30/01/20 @ 21:45 said:

Alan isn't coming Dale but I am. Looming forward to this

Dale   on 31/01/20 @ 10:11 said:

Ultreia (Jo & Alan): haha, looming! It’s going to be great 😆

Dale   on 31/01/20 @ 10:12 said:

Ultreia (Jo & Alan): so sorry Alan won’t be there, he will be missed but so glad you can make it xx

DebbieJ   on 15/02/20 @ 18:31 said:

TC: far too long! x

Dale   on 16/02/20 @ 18:02 said:

DebbieJ: can I tempt you with my latest edit !!!!! 😘

Dale   on 16/02/20 @ 18:03 said:

Hahaha oh dear Debbie , I thought you meant the walk was too long ...... I was a bit surprised 😀😆

DebbieJ   on 17/02/20 @ 17:35 said:

Dale: lol yes it's far too long since I've seen the lovely Tina....but I have to admit I've never walked that distance before!!! I might need some divine intervention, or the ferry x

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/02/20 @ 17:25 said:

Tried booking Patterdale YHA but it said that until 19th March it is only open to exclusive bookings.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/02/20 @ 17:43 said:

Booked the white horse bunk house for Friday and Saturday night.

Synagrion   on 21/02/20 @ 22:36 said:

Booked the Brotherswater Inn Friday and Saturday nights. It would be good to walk Sunday too- but probably a gentler walk will do me!

Dale   on 21/02/20 @ 23:58 said:

Synagrion: there may be others that fancy a gentler walk too, it’s possible that one could be sorted out with discussion on the Saturday 😀😀

Synagrion   on 22/02/20 @ 8:23 said:

Dale: Yes-good idea.

Glyn2   on 24/02/20 @ 23:40 said:

I’ve booked the Brotherswater Inn for the Friday night and Saturday night as well

Lazlo Woodbine   on 25/02/20 @ 12:53 said:

Had to change back to maybe. Cancel my dinner order for now.

Dale   on 25/02/20 @ 15:24 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: ok Doug, we will keep in touch and 🤞🤞

Glyn2   on 25/02/20 @ 16:47 said:

Was it something I said Lazlo Woodbine!?

Lazlo Woodbine   on 25/02/20 @ 17:22 said:

It was something that happened at the weekend Glyn2. If I was not offended by what you have said to me in the past it would have to be something very extreme. Still hoping to make this so we can cross swords again.

Glyn2   on 25/02/20 @ 19:16 said:

Good - I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can make it🤞🤞

dennisgrant  on 27/02/20 @ 22:06 said:

Hi Dale.I have just re subscribed on the site.Is there likely to be a shorter walk on Saturday?
I have been injured for a year and dont want to do too much too soon.

dennisgrant  on 27/02/20 @ 22:20 said:

Hi Dale.Ive actually booked Brotherswater Inn for Friday and Saturday so will do my own thing on Saturday if no short cuts!
Will it be sunny?

Dale   on 27/02/20 @ 23:13 said:

dennisgrant: welcome back 😀😀 you could choose to do one or two of the stages depending on how far you want to walk. The flattest bit is from Patterdale to Aira Force , you could chill out there gazing at the gorgeous waterfalls then walk back yourself or then take the ferry across to Howtown and walk back to Patterdale . This has more ups and downs but is a well walked easy to find route and my most favourite bit of the walk ( see invite for mileages) whatever you decide to do, it would be lovely if you could join us for the evening meal 🙂

Dale   on 27/02/20 @ 23:16 said:

dennisgrant: I can promise you sunny dispositions only 😆😆

dennisgrant  on 28/02/20 @ 8:44 said:

Talked me into the meal . Have Alan's jokes got any better? Can you confirm Glynn did not calculate the walk distances?!?

Dale   on 28/02/20 @ 8:56 said:

dennisgrant: good news, Alan’s jokes are just as hysterical, bad news, jo is leaving him elsewhere this weekend ☹️
I take full responsibility for the calculations.....overall, definitely 21 miles, I may have added up or subtracted down slightly on some of the stages but doing sums has never been my best quality 😆
Can you add your meal choices please

dennisgrant  on 28/02/20 @ 17:18 said:

Roast please Dale

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