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Sorry - can't come: milvus
womble   on 27/08/19 @ 19:24 said:

Hmn; this is right up my alley and fits in with a big chunk of time off I have this Autumn. However I have been making plans and with the help of fellow ODer Liveit have made multiple dog food drops along the Southern part of the Cape Wrath Trail so am committed to that. I am also looking for a mid(ish) Sept weather window so fingers crossed for us both!

androo   on 01/09/19 @ 12:06 said:

ok - keep me posted.

liveit   on 04/09/19 @ 13:29 said:

I know this area better than most androo and thats a great wee circuit Especially if you get clear weather, although anywhere in that area of moidart you do want a bit of wind. Resipol campsite has a great location and is good as campsites go. If you need any help/advice happy to oblige. Not long now Womble😊! Maybe you can tag this one on the end😮!

androo   on 06/09/19 @ 15:30 said:

Thanks for the interest. Im looking forward to this trek into Clanranald territory.

womble   on 06/09/19 @ 16:07 said:

The weather is looking pretty showery for the foreseeable future so I have decided to just go for it. I'll be leaving Fort William on the 11th, hopefully arriving in Strathcarron on 21st having taken a day out in the middle to climb Ladhar Bheinn. That's the plan anyway.......

liveit   on 06/09/19 @ 18:50 said:

Way to go Womble👍!

androo   on 24/09/19 @ 13:28 said:

Arrived Mon 16th Sept at 4pm, hiked up to a lochan and camped; nice mild evening. Tuesday ;hiked around the tops to the tarn at An - t - Slat bheinn. A great spot right at the top of the mountain. Wednesday was wet but I completed the route and returned to the car coming down from Brunery hill. Great trip!!

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