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landranger68   on 10/08/19 @ 19:04 said:

Hi Ribert,
To cover this Trail in four days will be very challenging and maybe no time to enjoy this really good one. Hatterrall ridge in the Black mountain would better at a more suitable pace on the way or leaving Hay-on Wye,with wonderful views of Wales on one side and England on the other

Lazlo Woodbine   on 11/08/19 @ 0:11 said:

How many times are you doing this?

Glyn2   on 11/08/19 @ 0:54 said:

It’ll be more than challenging to do it 5 times in the same week but enjoy!

Mitch   on 11/08/19 @ 12:57 said:

0ffa's Dyke seems popular this year this week this day this date

TC   on 11/08/19 @ 18:32 said:

Ribert, if you change the date to today or tomorrow the duplicated invites will disappear once the date is past.

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