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Sorry - can't come: PeteK, HedgeMonkey
PeteK   on 05/08/19 @ 18:27 said:

Would have joined you if it were nearer. See Glyn2, it's not just me that does these things.

Cocoapops  on 05/08/19 @ 18:39 said:

Ah what a shame. If you're ever near Nottingham or me near Manchester? I will give you a shout

HedgeMonkey   on 05/08/19 @ 19:55 said:

Hei Cocoapops, would have loved to join you but unfortunately I am South West so a wee bit far. Have a great ride and enjoy

Cocoapops  on 05/08/19 @ 20:06 said:

HedgeMonkey: Thanks for the reply. Likewise with PeteK if you're ever up near Nottingham give me a shout

Glyn2   on 06/08/19 @ 1:31 said:

PeterK - I’m going to get myself into terrible trouble (as always) by saying the wrong thing here but (always a but) it wasn’t the 50 miler it was the ‘cycling from Manchester’ bit that I didn’t fancy!🤣 . . . I love Manchester by the way I was only joking . . honest😜

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