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Yes - definitely: Nick Theatre, Helvellyn40, Jo1, Dale, PeteK, Lazlo Woodbine, Anfie, Kate U, danny d, Cloud gazer, Bal, Janhk, Maz, Lancs Lad, top_spot (john), going4gold, lizzied, Mitch, clearbluesky, Bigfoot, barbp-j, jo_jo, TC
Yes - maybe: Sparrow, shelagh.goldie, Chris P, milvus, Kestrel7, Steve of Beaurepaire, TheresaW, Fiddle, busyBee
Sorry - can't come: Mel, Twotone, Starseeker, Walking On

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Mitch   on 23/07/19 @ 15:14 said:

Kettlewell Camping Campsite booked

PeteK   on 23/07/19 @ 18:35 said:

B&b booked. Don't do tents

jo_jo   on 23/07/19 @ 20:00 said:

B&b is booked in the village. Thanks for putting this event up Jason

Lazlo Woodbine   on 24/07/19 @ 11:30 said:

Anyone wanting to share a big, 4 bedroom tent, own bedroom assured. If so contact me otherwise I will take the smaller tent.

Kate H   on 24/07/19 @ 17:51 said:

A bit too far in term time for a weekend. Have fun

lizzied   on 26/07/19 @ 16:01 said:

Mary(goingforgold) and I have booked a twin room at Kettlewell YH. Plenty of room in dorms available atm

Kestrel7   on 27/07/19 @ 13:41 said:

Never been to this area so very keen, especially given the good company I can expect to meet. Provisionally booked a place on the Causeway site.
Thanks. Jason.

Lancs Lad   on 30/07/19 @ 9:36 said:

Great to see you're all getting booked in ok, Kestrel7 i am staying on Causeway myself.

barbp-j   on 01/08/19 @ 14:15 said:

Booked into yha x

Chrissieann   on 05/08/19 @ 19:26 said:

Would love to do this walk. Sounds great. But I’m climbing snowdon. Maybe next time.

Kate U   on 11/08/19 @ 16:07 said:

Will probably camp at the Kettlewell campsite. Count me in for the pub meal on the Saturday night please Jason.

PeteK   on 11/08/19 @ 18:55 said:

Count me in for the meal on Saturday. What are folk doing Friday? Is it worth booking somewhere then if there are enough of us?

jo_jo   on 17/08/19 @ 20:38 said:

I will be driving over Sat morning in time to join you for the Saturday walk. Do you know what time the walk is likely to start?

Kate U   on 19/08/19 @ 20:59 said:

Got to leave after the walk on Saturday now so can no longer make the meal on Saturday night unfortunately.

Lancs Lad   on 20/08/19 @ 18:08 said:

Hi All
Apologies for the delay...
Sorry you cant make it Kate, at least you can join us for a walk.
jo-jo will be starting 9-30 for 10 outside the Blue Bell on Saturday, will update any changes.
Look forward to seeing everyone, i will get final numbers for meal week before.

Cloud gazer  on 21/08/19 @ 7:06 said:

Hi all, this is my first group walk on this site. Hope you're not all super fit walkers and count me in for any meals, drinks, live music, late night lock ups or anything else along those lines. I'm booked in at the hostel for 2 nights. Look forward to seeing you all on Friday.

going4gold   on 23/08/19 @ 14:47 said:

I am up for a meal out Sat and Liz and I will probably eat in the hostel Friday night

Helvellyn40   on 24/08/19 @ 7:55 said:

Camp site booked for the 2 nights, and i would be interested in a meal for Saturday.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 24/08/19 @ 17:10 said:

One place available in my tent, "own room". Contact me via the site message board unless you have my details.

lizzied   on 24/08/19 @ 19:33 said:

Yes please for the meal on Saturday Jason

jo_jo   on 24/08/19 @ 20:47 said:

Jason could you please put me down for the meal on Saturday evening (plus a friend).

Lazlo Woodbine   on 24/08/19 @ 21:00 said:

Meal on Saturday please.

Maz   on 25/08/19 @ 18:31 said:

Jo and myself trundling along bright and early on the Saturday morning. We are staying in Doug's mansion and yes, he knows!
Yes to the meal Saturday night please.
Looking forward to catching up with you lot.

Bal   on 25/08/19 @ 22:42 said:

Hi Jason-could you add me and Dale to the list for the Saturday meal. Be there for Friday night but probably late on -driving down from the Cairngorms.

Jo1   on 26/08/19 @ 8:42 said:

Yes to the meal on Saturday please (see Maz’s message above).

Lazlo Woodbine   on 28/08/19 @ 12:36 said:

Anyone camping at Kettlewell campsite besides me. Just that my tent needs two people to erect and I will be on my own on Friday when I arrive.

Helvellyn40   on 28/08/19 @ 14:04 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: I'am camping at Kettlewell campsite, and hope to arrive between 6.00 and 7.00 in the evening, so could help you erect your tent.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 28/08/19 @ 16:47 said:

Thanks Paul. that would be great.

Nick Theatre   on 29/08/19 @ 9:39 said:

Jason: is it too late to be included? I would be camping but joining everyone for food and warmth whenever.

clearbluesky   on 29/08/19 @ 19:21 said:

Thanks for all the useful accommodation info Jason. I've just booked onto the campsite for Fri/Sat nights. Could I be included in the Sat evening meal please?
Pete - I'll probably eat al fresco on the Fri but will certainly join you in the pub for drinks

Fiddle   on 29/08/19 @ 19:43 said:

So sorry I can’t make it now- off to visit my parents. Hope you have fun.

Mitch   on 29/08/19 @ 21:01 said:

Meal on Saturday evening for me also please

barbp-j   on 30/08/19 @ 20:02 said:

Meal on Saturday please x

shelagh.goldie   on 31/08/19 @ 20:21 said:

Can possibly come for one of the days

Lancs Lad   on 01/09/19 @ 11:40 said:

Just acknowledging everybody that would like to eat will speak to Bluebell now and report back..

Sorry you cant make it Fiddle, maybe next time..

Shelagh.goldie .. will be starting Saturday and Sunday walk 9.30 for 10 outside Bluebell.
Fridays walk will hopefully leave around 1pm, how many could make it for then?

Lazlo Woodbine   on 01/09/19 @ 23:11 said:

Lancs lad, when will we be back on Friday as I need to put up a tent before it gets dark.

Mitch   on 02/09/19 @ 9:13 said:

I will be there for your Friday walk

Anfie   on 02/09/19 @ 18:29 said:

Hi, I can join you on the Friday walk

Sparrow   on 02/09/19 @ 18:36 said:

Sorry! Can't make it now! Clash with kayak trip to scotland! Have fun!

Lancs Lad   on 02/09/19 @ 19:08 said:

Doug, hoping to walk around 1pm, it’s 8.66 miles and so I’m guessing we will be back 5/6pm?? Will that be ok or can you get there before we walk?
I could possibly help if I’m there early enough ..
Anfie.. are you just coming for Friday walk or all weekend?
Sparrow.. sorry you can’t make it, hopefully next time

Lazlo Woodbine   on 02/09/19 @ 19:16 said:

I will try and be there for the Friday walk then.

Mel   on 03/09/19 @ 9:33 said:

I will be there for the Friday walk and would love to join the dinner on Sat night. Cheers Mel

Lancs Lad   on 03/09/19 @ 12:33 said:

OK folks, can any maybes please put themselves as definite or sorry i cant make it pls? Just need to try and get an idea of final numbers now..
I understand if you cant commit yet, and you are more than welcome to turn up last thing..

Nick Theatre   on 03/09/19 @ 14:40 said:

I'll be there for the Friday walk, thank you.
Lazlo: I should be in time to help you set up your tent before the walk if you need it. Nick

Lancs Lad   on 04/09/19 @ 14:54 said:

Hi All
I have contacted the Bluebell with the numbers for a meal on the Saturday night, they have asked for a £5 per head deposit for a table of 21. I am happy to sort this for now. Please can you look at the menu i have added as the main pic and starters on the additional file uploaded.
No problem if you don't want a starter, please EMAIL through the site with your choice so i can let them know asap. Thanks Jason

jo_jo   on 04/09/19 @ 17:44 said:

2 x Blue Bell Inn pie & chips please. Thanks Jason

Bigfoot   on 04/09/19 @ 17:53 said:

Hi all, a late addition for me, will arrive Sat in time for walk, booked in to YHA, I would like to join you for the Sat night pub meal if there is space, I appreciate the list is growing. Billy

Mitch   on 04/09/19 @ 18:20 said:

Sausage and Mash for me please

Mitch   on 04/09/19 @ 18:23 said:

No starter thanks I'm a pudding man

Mel   on 04/09/19 @ 18:27 said:

Fish and chips please Jase and will prob squeeze a pud in

Janhk   on 04/09/19 @ 18:36 said:

I will join you on Sat for the walk but not for the meal thanks as going on to friends in Skipton

Helvellyn40   on 04/09/19 @ 19:18 said:

Chicken breast for me please.

lizzied   on 04/09/19 @ 19:55 said:

Fish pie please Jason. With chips?
Hoping to get up for walk on Friday but please don’t wait for me. Where are you leaving from in case I make it?x

clearbluesky   on 04/09/19 @ 21:41 said:

I'll go for chicken breast please Jason. Thanks for sorting. I'm not sure I'll make it for 1pm on Fri so don't wait for me.

going4gold   on 05/09/19 @ 6:44 said:

Steak and ale pie with potatoes and veg for me please

PeteK   on 05/09/19 @ 8:26 said:

Pie and chips for me. No starter

Lancs Lad   on 05/09/19 @ 8:53 said:

Hi All
Acknowledging all food orders, thanks

JO_JO: Assuming the 2 meals are for you and friend?

Jan: No problem, look forward to seeing you Satrurday for the walk.

top_spot (john)   on 05/09/19 @ 8:56 said:

Hello Jason. I will join you for the Saturday walk only. No dinner required, thanks.

Dale   on 05/09/19 @ 8:58 said:

Steak pie with potatoes and veg please 😀

Bal   on 05/09/19 @ 9:15 said:

Coming from Wigan it just has to be the pie!

jo_jo   on 05/09/19 @ 21:50 said:

Lancs Lad: yes that's right They're not both for me..!!!

Lazlo Woodbine   on 06/09/19 @ 9:13 said:

Wont be able to make the Friday walk so please don't wait for me.

Lancs Lad   on 06/09/19 @ 10:09 said:

Ok thanks for letting us know Doug, are you coming today?

TC   on 06/09/19 @ 12:01 said:

Late entry.... just coming for the walk. See you tomorrow.

Lancs Lad   on 06/09/19 @ 17:21 said:

Will be in the Bluebell from 5.30 for 1 and then later at 7.30/8pm if anyone fancies a beverage
07850 388299 of

Lancs Lad   on 06/09/19 @ 19:37 said:

Meeting at 9.30 for 10am start Saturday and Sunday outside the Bluebell Inn

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