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Yes - definitely: KateB , Macc59, Sukie Q, PeteK, Jo1, Janhk, Flat cap (Mike), Highpeakman, Miss T
Yes - maybe: Elliewalker
Sorry - can't come: Pollydaydream, Twotone, BigBadJohn, clearbluesky, Cazzer, S.A.M, Out Doors Guy, R1chard

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GillT   on 27/06/19 @ 10:31 said:

Very disappointed I can't make this walk. Best regards Gill

clearbluesky   on 28/06/19 @ 18:14 said:

HPM: looks like taking a Thursday off work is becoming addictive! Will see how things pan out but will hopefully make this one too

S.A.M   on 29/06/19 @ 14:51 said:

Sorry, can't make this walk Derek.
Catch up soon hopefully. X

landranger68   on 03/07/19 @ 10:24 said:

Just returned from walking the 184 mile Thames Path.Quite drained at the moment as the humidity was quite intense and will let you know.

Out Doors Guy   on 04/07/19 @ 16:53 said:

Sorry Derek but it's now the England Cricket World Cup semi final on this day. I wouldn't normally put TV before a walk but they don't come along very often. Hopefully will see you all again soon.

clearbluesky   on 07/07/19 @ 18:57 said:

Afraid I can't escape this week after all. Have a great walk!

Elliewalker   on 07/07/19 @ 21:58 said:

Today have just done my first 'proper' walk for two years, it was brilliant - but my feet are killing me! Not sure if I'll have recovered for this testing hilly wander so at the moment i'm a 'maybe'

KateB    on 08/07/19 @ 22:54 said:

HPM: Toilets at start and lunch, coffee shops... What's not to love?? x

Highpeakman   on 09/07/19 @ 10:59 said:

Like it Kate!!!
Just to let you all know that I only wait for definites who have let me know that they're running slightly late, so now is the time for maybes to plunge one way or another!!!

Highpeakman   on 10/07/19 @ 20:14 said:

We're up to 10 now, and even the weather forecast has improved!!! We may stay dry!!!
10.00am sharp start please!!!

Cazzer  on 11/07/19 @ 6:55 said:

Got to work sorry

Miss T   on 11/07/19 @ 7:59 said:

Highpeakman: OK bossy boots!!!!!!!!

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