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Yes - definitely: going4gold, Susie Hill, Cliffe, danny d, Sparrow, chrissy100, Highpeakman, Kate H, lizzied
Yes - maybe: Shaza , Snowseed, shelagh.goldie, Walkthis way
Sorry - can't come: Dave C, Philtheetiler, TC, Spring, M1960, Love life!

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Susie Hill   on 15/05/19 @ 16:15 said:

Booked wasdale hostel also

shelagh.goldie   on 17/06/19 @ 17:29 said:

shelagh.goldie   on 17/06/19 @ 17:30 said:

shelagh.goldie: yes maybe

Dave C   on 18/06/19 @ 17:50 said:

I’m booked in the wasdale hostel as well

Kate H   on 20/07/19 @ 9:28 said:

No availability unfortunately!! Too slow

lizzied   on 23/07/19 @ 17:29 said:

Hi Chrissy, I’m delighted to say that KateH and I are booked at Burneside B and B for the three nights (Fri/Sat/Sun) so see you at midday on 25th!!

lizzied   on 23/07/19 @ 18:31 said:

Sorry Burnthwaite

Kate H   on 23/07/19 @ 18:52 said:


Highpeakman   on 23/07/19 @ 19:50 said:

Hi Chrissy! I'll be staying at the Wasdale Head NT camp site in my camper van x

Sparrow   on 15/08/19 @ 9:41 said:

Yes maybe

Dave C   on 03/09/19 @ 6:40 said:

Hi Chrissy . Sorry I’m not going to make this one , hope it goes well....

Spring   on 07/09/19 @ 14:25 said:

Hi, I’d like to join you for Saturday depending on the route you choose so I’ll keep my eye on this invite! I’ll drive up from kendal . Thanks

going4gold   on 07/09/19 @ 18:46 said:

I’m the last to join and that makes more than 7! Although some may not be up for the whole weekend
Checking it’s ok before booking accommodation ?

Spring   on 09/09/19 @ 22:50 said:

Ok , I was ‘in’ before you limited numbers but only for Saturday , so maybe space for someone else Sunday 😀

TC   on 10/09/19 @ 12:53 said:

Hi I'm down as a maybe as I'll just be coming for day walk/s, just not sure what day/s yet but Saturday most likely.

Sparrow   on 11/09/19 @ 10:59 said:

Hi there!
Thought l would let you know...l have also booked a pitch at the nat / trust campsite. Will be staying in my van also.lookimg forward to a great weekend. And to meeting ypu all!

danny d   on 11/09/19 @ 11:15 said:

wasdale campsite booked see you there

TC   on 11/09/19 @ 18:01 said:

So sorry Chrissy, I double booked myself. I can't make this weekend after all, what a shame, would have been good to walk with you.

shelagh.goldie   on 18/09/19 @ 14:05 said:

Really sorry, I am needed on granny duty this weekend now so cant join you. hope it goes well.

Cliffe   on 22/09/19 @ 21:07 said:

Hi Chrissy, just seen this invitation. I would love to come along if there is any space but appreciate number limitation. Not sure how the wait list works; I have put 'yes'. Can you please let me know and I will adjust or rescind? I live about 90 minutes away so I can just join for a walk, I really am no trouble Please let me know?

chrissy100   on 26/09/19 @ 16:05 said:

See you there Cliffs.

Cliffe   on 27/09/19 @ 8:29 said:

chrissy100: Chrisy, thanks for the note, looks like accommodation is tight so I currently plan to stay at the camp site, driving up after work on Friday.

danny d   on 06/10/19 @ 20:46 said:

sorry to hear you cannot make this w/end chrissy

danny d   on 06/10/19 @ 20:51 said:

i am prepared to lead a mosedale horseshoe walk on the sat , weather permitting if its ok with all involved or we could share navigation .

Kate H   on 07/10/19 @ 10:10 said:

Thanks Danny !

Highpeakman   on 08/10/19 @ 14:21 said:

Mmmmm! If weather is ok, I'm prepared to lead an accent of Broad Crag and Scafell Pike, via Sty Head - Esk Hause - Mickledore- Brown Tongue, on Saturday or Sunday.
A Mosedale Horseshoe walk would have to be a cut down version for me at this time of year with fading light.

lizzied   on 11/10/19 @ 10:32 said:

Anyone fancy a walk in Eskdale on the Monday? I’m happy to lead one. Kate and I have booked a night over in the Eskdale YH that night

Philtheetiler   on 11/10/19 @ 17:26 said:

lizzied: Looks like a good weekend ahead but will be unable to drive as having cataract done on Tuesday that week

Cliffe   on 11/10/19 @ 22:09 said:

Good evening all, I am up for walks that weekend. I plan to stop at the campsite at the Wasdale Inn as all accommodation was booked. I will get there about 18:00 on the Friday so can participate with route planning and/or support navigation. I am happy to join any group, just need start time and location.

Cliffe   on 11/10/19 @ 22:12 said:

lizzied: sorry I need to be back in work on Monday 😩

going4gold   on 14/10/19 @ 20:51 said:

Would love to join you Lizzie on Monday walk . Will check out hostel availability
Is everyone up for a sat night meal
Shall I book a table at the pub ?

Susie Hill   on 15/10/19 @ 12:45 said:

Hi Lizzie, Kate and going for gold, I am also booked in Eskdale Yha Sunday night - so would love to join you for Monday walk!! Look forward to meeting you all x

Susie Hill   on 15/10/19 @ 15:05 said:

Hi all.Weather permitting would love to do Mosedale horseshoe on Saturday and HPM's route on Sunday if possible. Just wondering what the score is re scramble on Pillar and if alternate routes still keep to Horshoe route- I have looked on map and mud n routes - but not totally clear what options are available- Thanks very much to all those happy to lead a walk 🙂👍. I was thinking of doing High seat, High Stile and Red pike from Gatesgarth Farm on Friday if the weather is looking good

Susie Hill   on 15/10/19 @ 15:26 said:

Just 2 more questions!!
Is anyone else stopping at Wasdale Yha on the Friday and Saturday nights?
Which pub were you thinking of Goingforgold ??

Kate H   on 15/10/19 @ 18:52 said:

G4G Saturday meal sounds like a good idea

lizzied   on 15/10/19 @ 20:51 said:

Thanks Mary! Yes from me too for Sat meal at pub!!
Susie- Kate and I are staying in B and B near the Wasdale Head on Saturday and Sunday, but I know Mary (g4g) is booked in to YH those nights.
Looking forward to a great weekend . Fingers crossed for some half decent weather!

Spring   on 15/10/19 @ 22:20 said:

Hi all, I’m pulling out because it’s 1hr 40 for me would mean too early a start for me ( yes it’s necessary for you to start early for those big walks but I was too late to get local accom )...I’ll do a more central fells walk and wave over to you! Have fun x

M1960   on 15/10/19 @ 22:35 said:

Hi Susie,
Going from Looking Stead to the summit of Pillar (mountain) via the High Level Route, Robinson’s Cairn and the Shamrock Traverse (instead of straight up the main ridge), which I did many years ago, is fabulous with great views of Pillar Rock. There are two scrambles which start from this route: Slab and Notch to the top of Pillar Rock (High Man) which is grade 3 / Mod rock climb, and a grade 1 scramble to the top of Pisgah – I haven’t done either (grade 3 would only be feasible for me, if at all, on the end of a guide’s rope!) Do you mean High CRAG, High Stile and Red Pike from Gatesgarth Farm? Gatesgarth is a bit of a drive from Wasdale.

going4gold   on 16/10/19 @ 13:33 said:

Booked Wasdale head in for 8 people at 7 pm
Will be at YHA Wasdale Hall around 3 for tea and cake

going4gold   on 16/10/19 @ 13:34 said:

Meet up Sat 9 am at car park outside Wasdale Head pub ok for everyone ?

lizzied   on 16/10/19 @ 18:17 said:

Mary, what day are you referring to for tea and cake? I’m guessing Friday? And the meal is Saturday right?
Do you think we should start a bit earlier, say 8am on Sat morning? We could do with that extra hour . And definitely bring headtorches, those who are doing that walk.

danny d   on 17/10/19 @ 17:36 said:

hi all.
think we should meet up from 7.30 for 8am prompt start or as soon as all there . head torches are a must in your bag this time of year ,

going4gold   on 17/10/19 @ 18:42 said:

Good with the 7-30 for 8 start
Tea and cakes Friday Liz and pub meal Sat
Head torch - check

M1960   on 20/10/19 @ 18:49 said:

Hi all – I’m wondering about joining you perhaps (as long as no-one objects ), but I won’t make a definite decision until Wednesday at the earliest. Are there people still intending to walk to the summits even if the cloud is down and/or it rains? The current forecast seems to be for cloudy days and rain from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, but I think the confidence in the forecast is still low at this stage. Would anyone be up for a walk from Wasdale on Friday afternoon, as per Chrissy’s original invite – maybe Kirk Fell and Great Gable (whatever the weather)?

M1960   on 20/10/19 @ 18:50 said:

lizzied: What do you have in mind for Monday Liz – Harter Fell perhaps?

M1960   on 20/10/19 @ 20:00 said:

Re-reading my post above, I should have said ‘… (whatever the weather, unless it’s dangerous)?’

Susie Hill   on 21/10/19 @ 9:26 said:

Hi M1960, good idea for Friday- will decide on Thursday if that's not too late- hoping for an idyllic forecast to do plan A from gatesgarth and meetup with everyone in the evening- will people mainly be at Wasdale head pub near campsite then?? BUT if only half day good weather Kirk fell + would be great!

Susie Hill   on 21/10/19 @ 9:28 said:

Going 4gold- is it still ok to join you for meal at Wasdale Head on Saturday evening?? Thanks Suex

Susie Hill   on 21/10/19 @ 9:30 said:

Danny D also in favour of 7:30 for 8 start!!👍

Highpeakman   on 22/10/19 @ 22:11 said:

I'm going come what may, and will be in the Wasdale Head Inn on Friday and Saturday evening at 7.00pm and probably eat both evenings.(Thanks Mary for organising Saturday table.
However, the weather forecast is deteriorating , so regarding the walks, I could do them all(including Monday, thanks Liz x) but will not decide until the morning of the walks, so please don't assume that I will lead up Scafell Pike on Sunday as a definite.
Looking forward to seeing you all, Sue, enjoy your day in Buttermere on Friday! x

M1960   on 23/10/19 @ 22:07 said:

Yes, a few days ago there was rain in the forecast but it was relatively warm. The forecast is currently pretty grim - I happily paddle and splash up and down mountains by safe routes in heavy rain and thick cloud, but I don’t have the equipment or skills for snow and ice (I’m glad I added a caveat about dangerous weather!) and the only reason I visit mountains is to climb them, so it isn’t worth a 650-mile round trip for me with a forecast like this .
Have fun everyone and stay safe . Do take care on Friday Susie, particularly if you are walking alone – I wouldn’t want to walk solo in mountainous terrain even in good weather!

Susie Hill   on 24/10/19 @ 20:32 said:

Hi folks, thanks for all your helpful inputsLooking forward to meeting you all Friday evening. Will be taking care round Buttermere - starting early to avoid worsening weather later. May end up walking further east if weather better there. Safe journeys all xx

going4gold   on 25/10/19 @ 8:22 said:

Hi all
The weather not great for today and tomorrow as rain passes through but better Sunday / Monday
Options for Sat - it is always good to walk over the pass from Wasdale to Ennerdale with a visit to Black sail hut , return via a loop of Great Gable
Just an option

Kate H   on 25/10/19 @ 9:20 said:

Sounds a good idea Mary. Meet people at 7pm in the pub at wasdale tonight to discuss options??

going4gold   on 25/10/19 @ 15:24 said:

Safely at the hostel
Hopefully catch up later for plans but if not please post a plan on the site and I will see you in the morning
Phone reception not great but iCloud fine

Cliffe   on 28/10/19 @ 19:44 said:

Just a quick message to all that turned up, I had a great time, Thanks to Mary for your curry on Friday, Danny for the guided walk on the Sunday, my first walk around the Mosedale horseshoe, sadly I was working while you all had further enjoyment without me. Hope you have all got home, or get home safely. Hope to meet you all again in further adventures

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