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Yes - definitely: Happyfeet, Spring, Kate H, Glyn2, LaurieC, Lazlo Woodbine
Yes - maybe: Kestrel7

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Kestrel7   on 02/05/19 @ 17:03 said:

Just come across this adventure. Toured this area a few years ago with my camper and was looking to go back. May drive (estate car) as I am only 1 hour from Holyhead. Will look at the logistics.

juliette.bijoux   on 02/05/19 @ 18:22 said:

Hi can you give estimated cost of b n b ....? I can't do flight from manc or standstead. Is there another flight route to rendevous? I'm not a hugely experienced walker. Would I fit in? Juliette

juliette.bijoux   on 02/05/19 @ 18:22 said:

LaurieC   on 02/05/19 @ 19:17 said:

Juliette.biyoux: I can only support flights from Manchester or Stanstead as they have very similar arrival and departure times and therefore convenient for the rental car pickup and drop off, resp. Happy to supply costs if you can support our travel plan. 😀

Happyfeet   on 02/05/19 @ 20:04 said:

Hi Juliette.biyoux, I’m coming over from Reading so am training over to Stansted and staying there the night before. It adds a bit to the overall cost but I think worth it to take part in this trip

Kestrel7   on 03/05/19 @ 12:52 said:

Hi Laurie,
What are the arrival and departure times to aim for at Kerry airport .... So I can see how best I can get there. There seems 2 options flying from Manchester.
If I can arrive by car we will only need to hire one extra motor.
Have an ex OD friend who may also wish to come.

LaurieC   on 03/05/19 @ 14:42 said:

Kestrel: I now have 1 additional person confirmed, making the group 5. Therefore, 1 or 2 places left depending on male or female.
There are 3 more people considering today, but only booked flights will secure a place.
It will be complicated, at this stage to rely on your car, the hire cars are quite cheap between us. Are you saying that you are a definite and are prepared to pay a deposit asap on the accommodation? . I can't afford to have anyone dropping out as the accommodation is quite expensive and flight availability and price will make it difficult to get a replacement at short notice.

Kestrel7   on 03/05/19 @ 16:17 said:

I need to know what flights I need to get before I can book them. My friend and I can share a room which makes that straight forward.

Spring   on 03/05/19 @ 16:24 said:

Flights booked, thanks for organising this Laurie, it’s going to be a great few days!
I’d prefer a single room if poss please.

Spring   on 03/05/19 @ 16:24 said:

Please let me know your bank details for deposit , thanks x

LaurieC   on 03/05/19 @ 18:42 said:

Spring: sent you bank details via OD pm

LaurieC   on 03/05/19 @ 18:55 said:

Kestrel: you can travel by car, by all means as long as you pay the deposit for the house to confirm comittment. Can you do this ASAP?
If you want to fly from Manchester, there is only one flight to Shannon on 15th, FR 4776 dep 08.45am and return to Manchester, FR 4777 at 07.10. Prices are going up daily.
Please confirm your choices ASAP.
When flights are booked or deposit made, then I'll close the invitation.

Look forward to hearing from you 👍

Kestrel7   on 08/05/19 @ 13:18 said:

Hi Laurie,
Sorry for delay been away since Friday with friends in Snowdonia and only got back last night. The upshot is that from previous descriptions by me they were pencilling in a trip for the autumn - which is a much better time for me - so I will have to opt out of this one despite it being such an attractive invitation. Hope you all have a great time.

Glyn2   on 16/06/19 @ 15:23 said:

LaurieC   on 16/06/19 @ 0:00 said:

Glad to have you with us on this trip Glyn2. I'd better sharpen up my wit!

Glyn2   on 17/06/19 @ 11:20 said:

And I’d better brush my hair and trim my moustache ready for the phots

Glyn2   on 17/06/19 @ 22:36 said:

. . . .or the photos even

Happyfeet   on 17/06/19 @ 22:45 said:

no, let’s have phots 😂☘️😂

Glyn2   on 18/06/19 @ 3:13 said:

Go on then - phots it is!!😜

Lazlo Woodbine   on 18/06/19 @ 9:23 said:

I hope to take home a bottle of Teeling small batch whiskey from this trip. Best stuff I have ever tasted. Along with a few phots that is.

Glyn2   on 18/06/19 @ 13:20 said:

Suggest you wait till the last day to buy your whiskey if you’re planning on having some left to take home . . . . you know what Happyfeet is like😜🥃 LW!

LaurieC   on 18/06/19 @ 20:30 said:

Teeling small batch is 40 euros for a std size bottle in an off licence in Tralee

Glyn2   on 19/06/19 @ 0:43 said:

Who needs google when we’ve got you Laurie😘🤣

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/06/19 @ 10:12 said:

Gulp. it suddenly doesn't taste that good.

Happyfeet   on 22/06/19 @ 19:26 said:

Hey Glyn2, just read your comment now everyone knows!!!

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