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Yes - definitely: Rourky, Bal, Lazlo Woodbine, Dale, Jo1, M1960, Maz, Welshwanderer, Shaza , Jill18, MadNad, DebbieJ, Philtheetiler, Kate H, minty , Morningdawn
Yes - maybe: Janhk, Just want to walk, Chriswales, Montie
Sorry - can't come: Mitch, gem1000
M1960   on 08/09/19 @ 14:03 said:

Hi Tracy: How much change would I need for the car park? Is there any alternative parking if it is full?
Thanks, Mark

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 08/09/19 @ 19:59 said:

Hi Mark, I think it’s about £3, and it’s very unlikely that we would run out of space setting off at that time in the morning, there are probably about 40-50 spaces!

M1960   on 09/09/19 @ 13:22 said:

Tracy (no 'e'!): Thanks Tracy – I was wondering about space because of Rourky’s comment on his invite that parking is at a premium on weekends, although that, of course, is for the Storey Arms.

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