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Yes - definitely: Shorty
Yes - maybe: JoJowalkinggirl
Sorry - can't come: BigBadJohn

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Walking On   on 01/04/19 @ 19:11 said:

Sorry, clashes with a weekend that I am organising in the Dales

Shorty   on 02/04/19 @ 18:07 said:

No problem David. I’ll look forward to catching up with you another time. You’d have enjoyed much of the music. Rob.

Shorty   on 03/04/19 @ 18:34 said:

Bea (Pebbles) there’s a nice walk to the waterfall too.

Kt-mac   on 22/05/19 @ 22:22 said:

I’d have definitely joined you but I’m away

Shorty   on 23/05/19 @ 21:04 said:

Not to worry Kt-mac. Another time maybe. Looks as if I’ve lost my chance of getting a six berth room this time, since I’ll be on my own. So meals will have to be less solids, more liquids! Hey ho!

Kt-mac   on 14/06/19 @ 22:13 said:

Oh dear that sounds tragic . Pity I can’t make it. Have a great time and let me know how it goes.

BigBadJohn   on 08/07/19 @ 11:09 said:

I am thinking of combining this with a few days on Pennine way to do the bit I haven't done from Hadrians to Kirk Yetholm. Ahyone else interested?

Shorty   on 09/07/19 @ 7:40 said:

Hi BigBadJohn. A bit of the Pennine way near Hadrians Wall would fit in nicely one morning to blow off cobwebs from revelries! Perhaps on the Sunday morning?

JoJowalkinggirl   on 01/09/19 @ 17:18 said:

Hi there-this sounds really good. I am new to the site so have just found this. I'll have a look at the Baafest website and let you know by middle of the week next week. Cheers Jo

Dale   on 01/09/19 @ 19:30 said:

JoJowalkinggirl: well hi there, good to have another OD er from the North East...... welcome 😀

Shorty   on 01/09/19 @ 21:16 said:

Hi JoJowalkinggirl. Welcome to OD. Hope you’ve had a gander at the BAAfest itinerary.
I’ve booked a weekend ticket and a double room on site to enable access to the communal kitchen and fridge.
Handy to store the ice for my gin ;-)
I enjoy cooking and although I’ll eat at some of the food outlets on site, and the local pubs, you can’t beat home cooking, I think. So I’ll be bringing the odd spare bit of meat and fish for anyone interested.
Hoping to get a few short walks in too.

BigBadJohn   on 10/09/19 @ 9:29 said:

Doing grey bro's Derbyshire weekend instead as it's local to me.

Shorty   on 10/09/19 @ 18:35 said:

Sorry to hear that John.
On the good side, more beer for me!!

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