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Yes - definitely: Starsky, PeteK, Dale, Lazlo Woodbine, BigBadJohn, R1chard, Miss T, Highpeakman
Sorry - can't come: S.A.M, Jo1, Pollydaydream, Flat cap (Mike)
Miss T   on 11/02/19 @ 17:05 said:

Oh go on then...why not?!

Flat cap (Mike)   on 11/02/19 @ 23:23 said:

Yup, why not. Have always done it clockwise so far, will make an interesting change the other way round

Lazlo Woodbine   on 12/02/19 @ 15:11 said:

If there is a strong westerly I might change it round to clockwise so we aren't walking in to the teeth of the gale.

Jo1   on 12/02/19 @ 18:46 said:

Sorry Doug, already committed to grandparent duties for half term. Have a lovely day!

Dale   on 14/02/19 @ 12:33 said:

Have booked Castleton YHA for Tuesday night and looking forward to re visiting this area

Kate H   on 15/02/19 @ 16:47 said:

I'm there tonight and tomorrow ! Shame the walk isn't on Monday ! Hope the sun stays out for us all

Dale   on 15/02/19 @ 23:18 said:

Aw Kate, so sorry to miss you

Kate H   on 17/02/19 @ 19:37 said:

Yes bad timing ! Had a lovely weekend. See you in Cyprus x

Camino Queen   on 19/02/19 @ 0:27 said:

Sorry can't make it Lazio Woodbine I'm still walking upstairs down on my head feeling dizzy then 24 hr flight... Enjoy all x

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