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Yes - maybe: Julieanne, Walkthis way, Flat cap (Mike)
Sorry - can't come: Elliewalker, Fgiles
jo_jo   on 30/01/19 @ 18:47 said:

This sounds like a great event for a charity which I wholly support but unfortunately I'm away that week

Flat cap (Mike)   on 31/01/19 @ 17:40 said:

That's a pity, Jo_Jo. But you are right, it's a great event and the proceeds from the Doggy Paddle have already paid for quite a few guide dogs, the current one being Gareth %uD83D%uDC15

Elliewalker   on 24/05/19 @ 17:28 said:

I know you said it's hardly moving water but do you need to have big muscles to do this

Flat cap (Mike)   on 24/05/19 @ 18:29 said:

Hi Ellie, hardly moving water unfortunately means that all the boat movement has to come from you. So, yes, you need some stamina to cover the 18 miles, not particularly as muscle mass but as endurance. You should have completed some 12-15 miles trips without much difficulties in order to enjoy the trip.

Elliewalker   on 27/05/19 @ 18:26 said:

Ah right! I don't it's for me then

lizzied   on 18/06/19 @ 22:33 said:

I’m also a supporter of this charity but sadly I can’t make it as I’m doggy sitting my daughter’s pooch!!
Please put it on again next year Michael!!

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