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Yes - definitely: Ultreia (Jo & Alan), R1chard, M1960, PeteK, Starsky, sue c, Cazzer, S.A.M, Flat cap (Mike), Happiest in the hills, SueW, Glyn nav, Miss T, Mitch
Yes - maybe: Tinks, Ben Rinnes, suesingularity, Derwent
Sorry - can't come: Kosciusko, Bike and Boat, Elliewalker, Phil H, Highpeakman, Pollydaydream, Jo1, Starseeker
Highpeakman   on 08/03/19 @ 17:42 said:

Sorry, away absolving my sins on Dougie's religious jaunt up North East!!!

suesingularity   on 10/08/19 @ 7:09 said:

Hi.. please can you give an idea of your 2 walks length and starting points. Ill be camping, limited to public transport, unless I can get a lift to starting points.

Starseeker  on 16/08/19 @ 11:40 said:

I was looking forward to walking with OD again but I’ve been ill for a couple of weeks and my visit to the Dr this morning has put paid to walking over 10 miles. I am looking forward to walking with OD again soon. Have a great walk.

S.A.M   on 16/08/19 @ 21:48 said:

Highpeakman : Not coming back any time soon then...?

Kosciusko   on 17/08/19 @ 19:16 said:

I’m utterly disappointed that I will not be making it to any of the planned walks during the coming week as I’ve had to cut short my trip due to a family member becoming ill back in Australia. I do hope I will get back to explore this area another time. Hope you all have a great week walking

Miss T   on 20/08/19 @ 16:04 said:

Starseeker: So sorry to hear that you’re not too well at the moment. Hope it’s nothing too serious & that you’re all well again soon Take care, Tracey x

Miss T   on 20/08/19 @ 16:07 said:

Kosciusko: That’s such a shame as I was looking forward to meeting you. I do hope your relative gets well soon & that you can come over to walk with us at some point in the future With best wishes, Tracey x

M1960   on 20/08/19 @ 17:44 said:

If I’m not at the start punctually, then please don’t wait. I’m tall (6ft 4 in) with short dark hair and a blue rucksack. I will recognise Glyn. Mark

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