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Yes - definitely: Starsky, R1chard, Bean, Camino Queen, jo_jo, Steve of Beaurepaire, Lizy, activechris, Flossie
Yes - maybe: Cazzer, danny d, Laurajane, BigBadJohn
Sorry - can't come: grey_brother, Flat cap (Mike), DebbieJ, Tinks, Pollydaydream, Miss T, Glyn nav, Jo1, Macc59, Twotone, Lazlo Woodbine, PeteK, milvus
Out Doors Guy   on 17/12/18 @ 20:41 said:

Would have loved to have done this walk but I am on holiday until late January

MountainGirlSarah   on 17/12/18 @ 22:13 said:

Hopefully catch up another time Out Doors Guy!

landranger68   on 18/12/18 @ 8:38 said:

Depends on the weather as i am 60 miles away

MountainGirlSarah   on 18/12/18 @ 20:48 said:

Hi both - hopefully another time - Head for the Hills - see you Saturday!

Glyn nav   on 03/01/19 @ 18:36 said:

soz cant come now ill be out of action for while i recover from operation on the 11th of January

MountainGirlSarah   on 03/01/19 @ 21:45 said:

Hope it's a quick recovery Glyn, and you're out again soon...

Flossie  on 08/01/19 @ 18:35 said:

Hi, looking forward to a walk on Sunday, I would like to bring my dog, she's really friendly and will walk happily on the lead. Would that be ok.

MountainGirlSarah   on 08/01/19 @ 20:41 said:

Hi problem as long as she doesn't eat my sarnies...later in walk some fields and possibly livestock so the lead is good.

Sharon 65   on 20/01/19 @ 20:07 said:

Thanks sarah you showed a different view to my previous venture

MountainGirlSarah   on 20/01/19 @ 20:13 said:

No worries - catch you again soon!

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