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Yes - definitely: Steve of Beaurepaire
Yes - maybe: Stephen, milvus, Lakelander
Sorry - can't come: taz

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TrotOn   on 06/12/18 @ 22:31 said:

Cheers for a Lakes invite. Unfortunately I'm working that day, plus the weekend, but will be staying over at Ullswater with friends during New Year. My group of OD friends may post a walk while we are over, depending on the weather conditions. You and others would be welcome to join our group walk.

MountainGirlSarah   on 06/12/18 @ 23:21 said:

Great - likewise. Staying in Keswick with friends 29th for the week. Will look out for an invite with option to hook up. Thanks

Stephen   on 07/12/18 @ 15:08 said:

Hello, I will also be staying in Keswick during this period, so I would be very happy to walk with other OD folk.

milvus   on 09/12/18 @ 17:18 said:

Oops working the Thursday but around on the Friday.

taz  on 14/12/18 @ 9:59 said:

i'm going to kicking about doing nothing much so definitely up for going walkies and with the weather the way it is at the moment it could very well be all white on the tops "i'm in "

MountainGirlSarah   on 14/12/18 @ 18:23 said:

Great, thanks Tax - got your number...

Spring   on 16/12/18 @ 15:19 said:

Sorry I can%u2019t make these days, I%u2019ll still be south with family , driving home 28th so hope to see you over the NY on one of the walks local OD%u2019ers will be posting %uD83D%uDE42
I think we met a few years ago at Wasdale YHA?

MountainGirlSarah   on 16/12/18 @ 20:56 said:

Hi Spring - yes, we did! I think it was a Kate B weekend - and wet!
Hopefully see you on an OD walk over NY - I'm in Keswick with friends from 29th to 5 Jan.

taz  on 17/12/18 @ 10:03 said:

me and my doggy are looking forward to not being by ourselves over xmas

hoping that your routes are proper hardcore and only fruitcakes need apply to join in

Stephen   on 18/12/18 @ 12:11 said:

I'll probably not do this walk, if you're starting from Portinscale!

taz  on 20/12/18 @ 10:59 said:

due to other things me and my doggy won't be in the lakes for christmas and new year - sorry

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