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Yes - definitely: Bernard, Ade, JayKay, SueB, Janhk, Montie, Well and Truly, Sandy, Chris50, catwalker, lizzied
Yes - maybe: Elderflower, Making the most of every minute!, Justapussycatreally
Sorry - can't come: suz (Suzanne), True Blue, Bike and Boat, Outdoorsy, keith2015, Philtheetiler, Kate H

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Montie   on 22/11/18 @ 18:59 said:

And obviously Zoe although she won't know until the 26th %uD83D%uDE00

lizzied   on 23/11/18 @ 16:31 said:

Great- pleased you%u2019re joining me Cat, Montie and Zoe!!!x

lizzied   on 26/11/18 @ 22:36 said:

And Ade!!

True Blue   on 27/11/18 @ 23:33 said:

Not sure yet Liz if I can do two days, will see nearer the time.

keith2015   on 12/01/19 @ 19:53 said:

Sorry Liz, I know I said some time ago that I would put this date in my diary but it seems that Larisa already had a theatre trip with her friends booked for 27 January. So as we can%u2019t really leave Sophie on her own with Corina for > 6 hours, I don%u2019t think I can make it%uD83D%uDE41

lizzied   on 13/01/19 @ 8:00 said:

That%u2019s a pity Keith. See you on the Saturday though! X

Outdoorsy   on 13/01/19 @ 17:01 said:

Upgraded to definitely - all things being equal!!

Justapussycatreally   on 13/01/19 @ 17:10 said:

Hi Liz is this now a 12-miler rather than 14? If so count me in, but 14 just too far for me, I'm a lightweight! %uD83D%uDE0A

JayKay   on 20/01/19 @ 13:16 said:

Hi Liz, looking forward to seeing you again.

lizzied   on 22/01/19 @ 6:57 said:

Glad you can all make it. Please watch this space at the end of the week for details of car shuttling

Outdoorsy   on 24/01/19 @ 8:32 said:

So sorry Liz I%u2019m going to have to pull out after picking up a back injury. I was really looking forward to this - hope you have a great walk.

lizzied   on 24/01/19 @ 17:41 said:

Thanks so much outdoorsy!!!! Hope your back gets better soon x

Bernard   on 26/01/19 @ 22:48 said:

Just got message, ok Bernard

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