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Yes - definitely: Elderflower, Jez, Montie, Janhk, keith2015, Indiana H, Wysiwyg , Justapussycatreally, True Blue, Ade, Well and Truly, Sandy, Chris50, suz (Suzanne), lizzied, catwalker, Ladyeliza (Liz), Philtheetiler, Kate H, Peregrina, Laurajane
Yes - maybe: TJN
Sorry - can't come: Walking On, iansmyname.....orisitjohn?, Jo J

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Montie   on 19/11/18 @ 15:57 said:

If people want to stay over let me know and I will look for places to stay locally and we can sort a walk in the area on Sunday 27th. I look forward to hearing from you and your meal choices - if not staying for the meal please say so, so I know not to chase you for your choices! Thank you

Philtheetiler   on 19/11/18 @ 17:08 said:

Montie: please put me on the list for all options on offer. ( so long as walking, food and drink is involved. )'

catwalker   on 19/11/18 @ 17:53 said:

Ditto, same for me please Montie, plus the Morrocan vege n chickpea pie. Big hush hush here %uD83E%uDD2B

Well and Truly   on 19/11/18 @ 18:51 said:

Will try and make this weekend, bring my campervan down. Think you have made a typo though. You've put 60th!!?? %uD83E%uDD14%uD83D%uDE1C

Philtheetiler   on 19/11/18 @ 19:24 said:

Well spotted Rob.

Kate H   on 19/11/18 @ 20:25 said:

I'd be interested if there's some accommodation nearby ....

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 19/11/18 @ 20:53 said:

Would love to come, but I won't be able to say for definite until pretty much the week before. Hope that will be ok Montie.

Thea   on 19/11/18 @ 23:12 said:

I%u2019d love to come but would also need accommodation

lizzied   on 20/11/18 @ 6:11 said:

Sounds a great idea Montie- thank you! I%u2019d love to join you!!
I%u2019ll probably look for accommodation nearby too to save a %u2018long%u2019 drive back to darkest Sussex!!!

Peregrina   on 20/11/18 @ 7:06 said:

I'm a definite for the meal Montie.

lizzied   on 20/11/18 @ 7:22 said:

Food looks amazing- may need to give myself longer than a couple of minutes to make a choice.!!

Ade   on 20/11/18 @ 14:48 said:

Oooh food looks good
Moroccan vegetable and chickpea pie
New potatoes with mint & butter
Dark chocolate brownie
Many thanks

Montie   on 20/11/18 @ 20:54 said:

lizzied: thanks Liz and all - re staying if you put Milton Surrey into airbnb quite a few places come up and a pub called the Squirrel Inn at Hurtmore. Keep the menu choices coming

True Blue   on 27/11/18 @ 23:30 said:

I%u2019m in Montie. Great pub choice. Moroccan veg & chickpea pie for me please; will decide on a pud v coffee on the day if that%u2019s do-able.

suz (Suzanne)   on 01/12/18 @ 18:02 said:

I'll go for the Moroccan veg and chickpea pie please and, apple and blackberry crumble and custard! Yes!

Jo J   on 23/12/18 @ 11:57 said:

Hi Montie, is it too late to join in with this...? If not too late, please may I have the warm crispy steak salad and then share cheese afters? X

Montie   on 23/12/18 @ 20:28 said:

Jo J: Hi Jo not at all you are welcome to join us and thanks for your choices - I need to chase the others up! X

Elderflower   on 28/12/18 @ 11:32 said:

Bangers and mash please Montie. No pudding

Jo J   on 28/12/18 @ 17:04 said:

Aargh, apologies Montie, would have loved to join in with this but now can't after all - sorry
Hope you all have a fab time X

Justapussycatreally   on 01/01/19 @ 4:35 said:

Ham egg and chips please, pud TBD on the day x

Justapussycatreally   on 01/01/19 @ 9:45 said:

When I put Milton, Surrey into AirBnb it just comes up with the Milton@gatwick airport! Can't get it to recognise Milton, Surrey at all - nor Google Maps for that matter!

Philtheetiler   on 01/01/19 @ 13:41 said:

Justapussycatreally: Montie: I put Haslemere into search thingy and found somewhere. Bangers and mash for me please. Happy Ginuary

lizzied   on 01/01/19 @ 18:05 said:

Roast striploin of beef please Montie!
Happy New Year to you and Zoe xx

Indiana H   on 01/01/19 @ 18:16 said:

Happy New Year to you both. Moroccan vegetable and chick pea pie please Montie.

Ladyeliza (Liz)   on 01/01/19 @ 19:48 said:

Can I have the pork please Montie. Happy new year x

Chris50   on 01/01/19 @ 20:49 said:

Ham, egg & chips please Montie. Thanks

Peregrina   on 01/01/19 @ 22:09 said:

Fish and chips please Montie. No pud for me.

Wysiwyg    on 02/01/19 @ 13:28 said:

Fish and chips for me please! Thank you.

Kate H   on 02/01/19 @ 13:56 said:

Fish n chips too please

Well and Truly   on 03/01/19 @ 14:28 said:

Montie: Hi Montie, not bringing camper anymore, staying overnight in Godalming. Count Sandy and I in for the meal. I'll have the fish pie please. Sandy will choose later
Happy new year. It's going to be a good one.

M1960   on 03/01/19 @ 16:09 said:

Justapussycatreally: I think you want Milford, not Milton.

Montie   on 04/01/19 @ 10:55 said:

M1960: M1960 yes Susie Milford not Milton and thanks all for your choices

SueB   on 06/01/19 @ 21:07 said:

Hi Montie. This is just up the road from me and would love to join you but my daughter is on the verge on moving house so cannot commit until nearer the time. Sue

Janhk   on 07/01/19 @ 9:29 said:

Sorry for the delay Montie. Rosemary and garlic chicken breast please.

Justapussycatreally   on 07/01/19 @ 9:52 said:

Young Montie did say put Milton into Airbnb....I was just doing as I was told, being a good and obedient type of girl

Montie   on 07/01/19 @ 19:42 said:

Justapussycatreally: Sorry if I did but def Milford as above

Montie   on 07/01/19 @ 19:43 said:

SueB: no problem Sue am sure we will be able to squeeze you in if you can make it

Montie   on 07/01/19 @ 19:43 said:

Janhk: thanks Jan and all for your choices x

Sandy   on 07/01/19 @ 22:52 said:

Hi Montie, sorry I'm so late to the party! Fish pie for me please. Gonna be a great do

suz (Suzanne)   on 10/01/19 @ 9:46 said:

Fish pie pleas

Montie   on 11/01/19 @ 20:00 said:

suz (Suzanne): Hi just to say that you have put down two different options, do I assume your latest choice is the one I should go for?

MadNad   on 16/01/19 @ 15:55 said:

Hi Montie, I'm ordering for both myself and Ray. We'll have one fish pie and one pork and leak sausage for mains, and two cr?me brulee for pud.

Thanks mate xx

Jez   on 25/01/19 @ 13:36 said:

....doing my usual last minute thing , would love to join you for the walk but can't stay for the meal.

keith2015   on 25/01/19 @ 20:50 said:

IfI'm not too late to join for the meal I'd like the bangers and mash please.
PS Indiana H has National Trust membership and will meet me at the Refectory for transfer to the walk start point in one car. Are other people doing the same?

Montie   on 25/01/19 @ 23:40 said:

keith2015: I can ask but they wanted numbers and choices by Monday. See you in the morning

Montie   on 25/01/19 @ 23:41 said:

Jez: See you in the morning cheers

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