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Yes - definitely: Flat cap (Mike), Bean, Lazlo Woodbine, Starsky, Jannyfrizz, danny d, Camino Queen, jellybaby, R1chard, iansmyname.....orisitjohn?, Loran (Steve), Glyn nav, Armstrong, Jo74, Sheils, Jenny wren
Yes - maybe: davidj
Sorry - can't come: SheilaB, Cazzer, PeteK, Ben Rinnes, Schnauzer girl, Jo1, Miss T, SueW, DebbieJ
Schnauzer girl   on 06/11/18 @ 9:42 said:

Sorry I can%u2019t join you, I%u2019ll be on the east coast. Seal spotting at Donna nook ! Xx

Rachael 234   on 06/11/18 @ 18:04 said:

Sorry I can't make this but it's my nephew's birthday. Love this area too.

Jo74   on 06/11/18 @ 20:47 said:

Looking forward to this - thanks Glyn

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 08/11/18 @ 19:40 said:

Hopefully I'll be able to join you. Let you know for definite later in the week

SheilaB   on 10/11/18 @ 12:57 said:

Lovely walk. Hope to get there but not sure yet.

Miss T   on 16/11/18 @ 8:25 said:

Sorry Glyn, I'm away this weekend. Have a good day

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