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Yes - definitely: Ridgewalker Moved unpacking
Yes - maybe: Indiana Jane, Aspiring
Sorry - can't come: Maz, taz

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torb   on 30/10/18 @ 18:19 said:

Hi I am in Idwal fom Fri 2 to 10th at YHA doing a bit of maintenance. I will have a think about some routes whilst there. torbs

taz  on 01/11/18 @ 9:21 said:

looking forward to this happening cos i've been walking the North Welsh Mountains a lot recently and love Tanygrisiau (pronounced - Taneegreesha) a lot as a base for wild camps and for the climbing and scrambling sport

Indiana Jane   on 02/11/18 @ 17:07 said:

I might be interested depending on the grade of scrambling and the weather. Remember that it is winter now and there has already been snow on the hills. You might need full winter gear by December.

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 05/11/18 @ 12:29 said:

Anything is expected Jane, even Sunshine and Snow %uD83D%uDE0E

taz  on 06/11/18 @ 12:22 said:

Manod Mawr and Manod Bach in Blaenau Ffestiniog are interesting just cos of history and the mine workings as they were left make for good scrambling

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 10/11/18 @ 7:24 said:

Indeed it could be winter blizzards, so last minute changes may occur depending on how peaple are kitted and experience, how%u2019s the Maintenance going Torb, any new found routes to test ?. Will consider them both Taz did them earlier in the year, great variety around there and a great cafe.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 12/11/18 @ 19:32 said:

Ridgewalker: Paul, have you seen this one :- ? Jane is looking at doing a recce. Maybe you could do it together? Looks interesting and a bit different

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 14/11/18 @ 15:14 said:

I think that%u2019s a great idea Ian, Jane shall we select Sun to try this one out, I shall probably be joined by a few other Bods from another group as well so it could be a good experiment.

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 14/11/18 @ 16:15 said:

Ian with ref to Scramble appears straight fwd but its the wrong direction for me at the end of the weekend and for a short scramble. the head camera movement makes it look far more difficult, will keep it in mind for another time. So need to go through my notes and create a Sun Route with a difference and options for Blizzards

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/11/18 @ 20:17 said:

Ridgewalker: Hi Paul. Quite true and I originally mentioned it to Jane with the thought of doing it on a Saturday with the Conwy mountain walk we did earlier in the year on the Sunday. The vid does make it look more involving than the G1 scramble it is. I don't know why they are roped up on a fairly flat and broad part of the ridge. Seems like a bit of overkill. Maybe the second person was a newbie and a rope was a confidence boost! Either way this route would be best combined with something on the coast for a weekend event. Or maybe an Anglesey route instead of the Conwy one.......Gogarth walk maybe.....

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/11/18 @ 20:20 said:®ione=Anglesey&idfalesia=124

taz  on 23/11/18 @ 10:45 said:

I can only do the Saturday as I've been asked to be elsewhere on the sunday

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 25/11/18 @ 14:58 said:

Weather could be good, so moonlight may appear

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 25/11/18 @ 14:59 said:

Would be good to see Max and Jane on the Ridges Again.

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 25/11/18 @ 15:00 said:

Whoops MaZ

Indiana Jane   on 28/11/18 @ 12:27 said:

Sorry Paul but there is another walk on Saturday that I feel I need to go on as they want an archaeological input. I should work on Sunday but might be tempted out if it is good weather, which currently doesn't look likely.

taz  on 28/11/18 @ 13:46 said:

i'm sorry but i'm having to drop out of this one as i've been recalled to work sorry
i was supposed to be getting both days free this week

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 30/11/18 @ 14:45 said:

Thanks for the Update's Maz Jane Taz
shallow moonlight walk this evening looking on the cards
just about to head up to Friday Cnicht evening possibility
Sat from Croesor car park 09:00 Cnicht-Moelwyn Mawr- Moel Yr Hydd - Moelwyn Bach
Sun - 08:45 Ogwen Valley vis centre below Cwm Idwal %u2014 variations of Y Gribin and or Y Garn

Indiana Jane   on 30/11/18 @ 15:48 said:

Paul, I feel bad that no one is joining you when you made the effort to put an Invite on. It is just not a good time of year to attract people out on mountain walks, especially scrambles. I hope you have a good weekend anyway and don't get too wet.

Maz   on 30/11/18 @ 17:31 said:

Apologies Paul but been really windy up here. Just returned from a local hill walk and I wouldn't want to be any higher! Will text you but rest of weekend does not look promising either.
Better luck next time with the weather!

Glyn2   on 01/12/18 @ 10:22 said:

Was going to head to Idwal for a doggy walk and to say hi Paul but it really grim so just going to brave the lakes around here this morning - stay safe

Ridgewalker Moved unpacking   on 02/12/18 @ 18:20 said:

Hey soulful ones, these things happen, As Glyn2 would say Hardcore nutter, Maz knows im a Lunatic. and Jane know i like to test the weather. well anyway Ridge-walking Event that turned out to be Solo
But i saw the sun for a few seconds got blown of my feet. got drenched, had lots of fun and kept fit, and drank some wine, the Winds on Y Gribin were brutal with uplifts that were wild so skipped final ridge and turned back to safety. must be getting wiser

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