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Yes - definitely: Jo1, PeteK, Strider, BigBadJohn, R1chard, Happiest in the hills, Miss T, Out Doors Guy, Highpeakman, Starsky
Yes - maybe: Jacs
Sorry - can't come: CazH, S.A.M, Anfie, Twotone, Lazlo Woodbine, Pollydaydream

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CazH   on 09/10/18 @ 18:35 said:

Yes looks like nice civilised route!

S.A.M   on 10/10/18 @ 9:37 said:

Sorry Derek, I shall be in la Belle France. x

Out Doors Guy   on 10/10/18 @ 18:13 said:

Looking forward to a review with you of the football season so far Derek!

Highpeakman   on 10/10/18 @ 20:24 said:

I've done the recce today, and it's quite a tester!!! You'll be tired but pleased I think at the end!!!

Highpeakman   on 10/10/18 @ 20:27 said:

Thanks to all those who are coming or considering it And thanks for you who can't come but have added your apologies.

Highpeakman   on 10/10/18 @ 20:28 said:

Paul: Will ?3 now do!!!!

busyBee   on 10/10/18 @ 22:45 said:

I'm on hols that week.. but a 3 hour drive for me . Probs a bit far. I'm yet to join a walk but keep looming %u263A

CazH   on 12/10/18 @ 16:59 said:

Sorry can't come now change of plans.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 14/10/18 @ 18:46 said:

Why so early again? Don't some of you like beds?

Out Doors Guy   on 14/10/18 @ 19:17 said:

Derek let me think about

Miss T   on 15/10/18 @ 12:50 said:

The sun had better be shining! Otherwise, I'm off back to Crete!

Camino Queen   on 16/10/18 @ 23:08 said:

Hi sorry not going to be able to do these Thursday walks as need to support Mum with a regular day a week at least as she needs more care now..I hope to see you guys on weekends when I can make it. Have fun....

PeteK   on 17/10/18 @ 16:17 said:

Not my walk this week Tracey so sun guaranteed

Highpeakman   on 17/10/18 @ 17:25 said:

Can 'maybe wanderers' please let me know whether you intend to go , or not. As soon as all the 'definites' are there in the morning, we will be setting off!!

Miss T   on 17/10/18 @ 19:53 said:

PeteK: Aww Pete, your walks are fab come rain or shine! I'll be there next time, I promise

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