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Yes - definitely: top_spot (john), barbp-j, Dale, Cliffe
Sorry - can't come: Spring, Tracy (no 'e'!)

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Dale   on 05/10/18 @ 8:05 said:

Maybe if I can sort hostel accommodation, still in transit so will try when I get home

going4gold   on 05/10/18 @ 18:04 said:

Great Dale
When I booked Ambleside was full so booked into Windermere which had dorm beds left a couple of days ago

going4gold   on 05/10/18 @ 18:05 said:

Barb PJ is also a definite so will book a table for 4 tomorrow if no one else expresses an interest

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 05/10/18 @ 20:15 said:

I%u2019ll be there, count me in! I%u2019m travelling up Thursday to have a potter in Ambleside Friday. Staying at the YHA.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 05/10/18 @ 20:17 said:

going4gold: Just reread everything, Zeferellis in Windermere or Ambleside? Happy to do either.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 05/10/18 @ 20:20 said:

Ignore me...Friday night and it%u2019s been a long week...

going4gold   on 06/10/18 @ 9:02 said:

Zefferellis in Ambleside guys
Booked table for 4 so far
Can add on
Table 7-30
Music The Retrosettes 8-30

Dale   on 06/10/18 @ 10:35 said:

Hi Mary, have booked Windermere YH for Friday night so please add me into the Friday night shananigans x

top_spot (john)   on 06/10/18 @ 12:25 said:

Please count me in too, Mary.

going4gold   on 06/10/18 @ 19:30 said:

Table for 6
Is upstairs in the Jazz bar and at 8-15 because that%u2019s the time tables are available for the music
See you in the bar 8

Cliffe   on 06/10/18 @ 19:57 said:

Hi Mary, just looking through now so (typically) late to respond. I will look for somewhere overnight in the area tonight and confirm when able. As the booking has already been made then no worries, I can grab something somewhere and join you after the meal?

Cliffe   on 06/10/18 @ 20:30 said:

Hi Mary, see you have already booked a table. I did managed to book in at the YHA Windermere, If anyone drops out then I can take their place.

going4gold   on 07/10/18 @ 20:03 said:

Hi Cliffe
So glad you are on board
Absolutely no problem
Zefferellis are happy to add to the booking . Your in
Checked out the band on U tube
Should be entertaining

Cliffe   on 07/10/18 @ 23:19 said:

Thank you for adding me into the booking. This 'advanced' planning is all a bit new to me

Spring   on 08/10/18 @ 13:55 said:

Hi Mary. Me too please! The band sound Ok and I know the company will be even better! S

going4gold   on 08/10/18 @ 18:05 said:

Ok Suzanne
8 it is
Should be a good night

lizzied   on 08/10/18 @ 22:41 said:

Wish I could have joined you there this weekend-it%u2019s my favourite time of year in the Lakes. Bracken should be brown shouldn%u2019t it?
Sadly I%u2019m working!
Have fun x

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 09/10/18 @ 12:46 said:

Sorry Mary, I'm going to duck out of the whole weekend, the weather forecast looks dire for Friday and Saturday and it's a very long way to come to get wet!

going4gold   on 09/10/18 @ 19:28 said:

No worries Tracy but never take too much notice of Lakeland weather forecasts - they change in an instant !

Spring   on 12/10/18 @ 11:09 said:

Hi Mary. Sorry to mess you about..I%u2019ll not be joining you after all. I%u2019ve received a (late) invitation to local arts event which I will be attending wth my councillor hat on . See you tomorrow

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