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Yes - definitely: Lazlo Woodbine, Camino Queen, Sel, It-is-Adventure-time, Happy Hiker10
Yes - maybe: Ben Rinnes
Sorry - can't come: Happyfeet

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Camino Queen   on 21/07/18 @ 19:01 said:

Brilliant Lazio are like me a Camino addict. Thanks for signing up

Lazlo Woodbine   on 21/07/18 @ 22:15 said:

My challenge for next year. Then I hope to soothe my aching muscles in the hot springs at Ouresne.

Camino Queen   on 22/07/18 @ 16:15 said:

Glad you're coming It is adventure time seeing as you're the map reader and Sidra provider ha

Camino Queen   on 22/07/18 @ 16:16 said:

Go on Head for the Hills you know you want to and I need a female Camino Queen x

Camino Queen   on 23/07/18 @ 8:55 said:

HI Happy Feet I have just emailed you and good to ask the questions about climbing as in with ropes and crampons.
No I perhaps should say just walking on paths but up mountains and hills which are going to be steep in places.
This is a reccie so we haven't walked this path so it will be an adventure but if you read the pdf it tells you a little about the day to day walking. Thanks Di Ben Rinnes if you want more information email please.
Very pleased with the interest in this so thank you Di and Harry🙂

Camino Queen   on 25/07/18 @ 9:07 said:

Great EAt a Crips want more info email me at Thanks Di🙂

Camino Queen   on 25/07/18 @ 9:09 said:

HI so this is almost sold out as I have two others interested from another group

I have four definites who I have been in touch with inc of course Harry and I.
I suggest if you are pretty keen to email me on and then we can secure places.
Sadly only can take 8 due to nature of tour and accomodation/use of taxis occassionaly to accomodation.
Thanks Di🙂

Camino Queen   on 25/07/18 @ 17:44 said:

Thanks Head for the Hills unable to get on system.but you're a definite so three places left x

Camino Queen   on 28/07/18 @ 7:56 said:

HI just finalising route from feedback as looks like we are going to finish at Lugo, enjoy a night there and get a bus to Santiago for the last day and night then head home this space 🙂

Camino Queen   on 31/07/18 @ 22:06 said:

HI so I have six definites (One to change maybe to definite as been away as in Head for the Hills (June). All definites please need to secure by a deposit so if you have not emailed me for details please do so at diane@marathon-media
Tour due to feedback is departure to Oviedo and return to Santiago on day 9 from Lugo with an overnight stay and departure on day 10
If you wish to stay longer in Santiago this can be arranged at the same hotel for you. We just need to arrange flights nearer the date as the economy ones which will cost about ?90 return are not available.
Thanks so much and Bon Camino Di🙂

Happy Hiker10   on 02/08/18 @ 12:44 said:

Well don't say this often - but I'm really excited about this trip.
Did someone say there is information about each day? Gail 🙂

Camino Queen   on 07/08/18 @ 7:06 said:

Hi Happy Hiker. I'll send through the route and info about each day.
Once the Portuguese Camino in September has finished I'll put lots on The Camino Way fb page as the invite gets too long. Message me anytime Di

Shaza    on 26/08/18 @ 14:47 said:

Are there any spaces left?? Or am I too ponderous?? Shaza x

Camino Queen   on 27/08/18 @ 6:39 said:

HI Shaza sorry I've been in Iceland and I have emailed you direct. Thanks and yes three spaces left at present
Thanks Di🙂🙂

Camino Queen   on 14/11/18 @ 11:31 said:

HI so if you didn't see email or fb..suggested flights are Outward flight
Sunday, 2nd June
Stansted to Santiago de Compostela
Out from Stansted 14:45
Arrive Santiago 17:55
Return flight
Wednesday, 12th June
Santiago de Compostela to Stansted
Out from Santiago 10.35
Arrive Stansted 11.45

Sadly EAsy Jet direct to Asturias route is cancelled so we will get transport to Oviedo.
Any questions let me know

Camino Queen   on 19/12/18 @ 19:57 said:

Hi if you get an email to say there are updates
I have just put the tour exactly as it will be now with flight arrival and departure to/from Santiago plus the walk from Oviedo to Lugo then transfer to Santiago for an overnight stay prior to departure.
If anyone is interested please let me know asap for transport purposes. Email me at Thanks Di alias CQ🙂🙂

Camino Queen   on 15/02/19 @ 10:04 said:

HI GREAT We are now full... The tour will go off Outdoor Duo shortly so all information will be emailed and oh face book.
Total of six of us. Four ladies plus 2 guys..

Lazlo Woodbine   on 15/02/19 @ 18:38 said:

Two girls for every guy, as the Beach Boys sang.

Camino Queen   on 11/04/19 @ 21:13 said:

Hi due to injury we have a space for a female or if a couple are interested. However this is a challenging but very satisfying route and if you're interested I do ask that you are as prepared as possible.. We've all been in training but obviously on long distances issues can occur so taxis will be back up.. Love to hear from you if you're up for it Thanks Di and Harry

Sel   on 17/04/19 @ 10:01 said:

Hi Camino Queen - if the space is still up for grabs I'd like to come please. Will email you for details and money transfer. May thanks. Sally

Camino Queen   on 17/04/19 @ 10:18 said:

HI that's brilliant news. Just got your email and replied to you. Welcome on board to this great adventure CQ

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