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Yes - definitely: Chris50, JW, catwalker, Bigfoot, Walking On, Janhk, Montie
Yes - maybe: Elderflower, Lancs Lad, Honey Bun, Justapussycatreally
Sorry - can't come: Kate H, Jo J

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JW   on 25/01/18 @ 20:48 said:

Hi Montie, we'll more than likely be joining you. Probably for the Friday & Saturday.

Montie   on 27/01/18 @ 8:11 said:

Hi John that would be lovely see you both soon

Justapussycatreally   on 27/01/18 @ 13:05 said:

I%u2019m coming! Bedsitter Images, the soundtrack to my misspent early teens.....

Chris50   on 02/02/18 @ 10:41 said:

I really fancy this Montie; never been to a festival before and never been to this part of the world either. Was wondering whether to come by train or car. Do the roads get jammed up with vehicles and is it far from the car park to the camp site?

Montie   on 04/02/18 @ 9:55 said:

Hi Chris - it would be lovely to have you along! You camp next to your car and if you were to join us at the meeting point for breakfast at a local pub 3 miles away on the Thursday morning we go in convoy so we camp together with a communal tent in the middle. We then go the the field from there and have a tarp we put down for our group.
If that is too early for you turn up whenever and park and camp where you are sent and then meet us in the field but obviously it is more fun if we camp together!
The traffic is well managed so not too bad getting in.
Any more questions feel free to ask

catwalker   on 12/02/18 @ 22:31 said:

Any chance of Yusuf returning?

Justapussycatreally   on 21/02/18 @ 19:19 said:

Nile Rodgers and Chic with racing at Sandown on the Thursday means I%u2019m now going to be a Friday and Saturday bod too.....please spread out to save me a smorl tent space %uD83D%uDE18

Montie   on 26/04/18 @ 9:50 said:

ray9: Good stuff look forward to seeing you %uD83D%uDE42

Chris50   on 27/05/18 @ 0:05 said:

Ticket purchased and really looking forward to it

Montie   on 28/05/18 @ 8:03 said:

Chris50: Good stuff Chris getting ours today before the price goes up on 1st June

JW   on 29/05/18 @ 21:47 said:

Yep, all booked.

catwalker   on 31/05/18 @ 18:17 said:

I've bought a 3-day ticket and would like to join you for breakfast. Thanks for organising it

Janhk   on 31/05/18 @ 20:14 said:

Have also bought my 3 day ticket and will probably join you camping at the pub the night before if that's ok

Chris50   on 31/05/18 @ 22:08 said:

I'll also join you camping at the pub the night before and the breakfast on Thursday morning. Thanks Montie

Montie   on 01/06/18 @ 6:14 said:

Great stuff guys - have you bought your camping tickets as well? If not as long as you come into the camping field in one car you only one camping ticket as it is per car not per tent - but the car must have the sticker displayed to go into the camping fields!
John if you can let me know your intentions re staying at the pub Wed night and breakfast that would be great - and as far as I know Catherine is the only veggie?

Jo J   on 01/06/18 @ 14:18 said:

Montie: Many thanks for all the organising, sounds brill, would be glad to join in with breakfast & convoy going in please
I have both festival & camping tickets. Do you think there'd be room at the pub Wed pm for me too?

JW   on 01/06/18 @ 17:09 said:

Hi Montie. We will join you for the breakfast thanks, will drive up early in the morning.
Yep, got the camping ticket.

catwalker   on 01/06/18 @ 19:12 said:

I want to take my car in and have both tickets but happy to car share from pub if that helps anyone x

Chris50   on 12/06/18 @ 22:59 said:

I also have a camping ticket for 3 nights so can car share if anybody wants a lift

Bigfoot   on 12/06/18 @ 23:40 said:

I have a 3 day ticket, last chance to see the great Brian Wilson, I have not bought a camping ticket so will meet at the pub for breakfast and jump in another car to the festival, if that OK, I guess there will be somewhere to dump my car until the Sunday.
Montie is there space at the pub for Wed night, is it B&B or camping.

Montie   on 18/06/18 @ 16:25 said:

Hi all that is great - thanks for the replies, inc my Cropredy lot there are 14 of us for breakfast and Bigfoot and others that is fine for you to camp at the pub on Wednesday evening.
There will be quite a few other Cropredy guys and girls joining us in the field and Susie joining us when she arrives. That's all for now cheers Montie

catwalker   on 19/06/18 @ 21:48 said:

It all sounds great fun! I've heard so much about this over the past couple years. Looking forward to it so big thanks Montie for including your OD crowd Plus I get to celebrate my birthday twice as it falls in between this and the Whitby folk festival with Jo J - happy days!

Montie   on 24/07/18 @ 11:38 said:

Bigfoot: Sorry only just seen your dumping car part of your message - not sure re that as Wardington is a very small village. Maybe do a google earth search locally and see what you can find? Otherwise arrange with someone to meet in say Banbury and leave your car with there and come to the pub with them. That will be fine if you have a small tent otherwise the camping tickets are just ?35 and you can come and go as you please and have everything with you. Feel free to call me to discuss if it helps 07831220464 thanks Montie

Chris50   on 24/07/18 @ 20:08 said:

Montie: what's the situation with food & drink please Montie? Is it expensive on site and best to bring your own? It'll be a great problem keeping some of it cool if this weather keeps up! Thanks, Chris

Bigfoot   on 24/07/18 @ 23:06 said:

Hi Montie, I was think of this only yesterday, yes finding somewhere to park away from the festival looks messy. the choices are to get a camping ticket which has gone up to ?45 or park for free at the festival as a day visitor, I will go with the cheapskate option assuming I would have access to the camping field on foot, would that be possible do you think.

Montie   on 29/07/18 @ 12:44 said:

Chris50: Hi Chris you can bring your own drinks to the camp site in your car and also take them to the festival field.
Pints of real ale, larger and cider are around ?4 or maybe a smidge more in the field or your can buy a 4 pint bottle which makes it a bit cheaper.
Breakfast wise we go for cooked breakfasts at various organisations in the village ie the canoe club, church etc and I think these are between ?4-5 with a tea or coffee.
We will have communal tea/coffee facilities in our shared Coleman shelter.
For lunch and supper there loads places to eat which aren%u2019t the cheapest but not ridiculous and there is a shop in the village when you can get virtually anything. Ed make/buy sarnies

Montie   on 29/07/18 @ 13:02 said:

Bigfoot: Yes sorry got the wrong camping price yes it is ?45 for the 3 nights. Not sure you would be able to stay in the day festival field overnight but I honestly don%u2019t know either way.... Feel free to call me if easier number above. Thanks Montie

catwalker   on 01/08/18 @ 17:47 said:

Thanks for the food and drink update Montie.
Sounds like we won't starve. Let's hope the glorious weather continues right through
Do let us know if we should bring anything for the communal tea and coffee shelter (just love a camping cuppa!) - tea/coffee/biscuits/own cups etc?

Montie   on 05/08/18 @ 17:15 said:

ray9: Hi Ray just firming up on numbers and when people are arriving - firstly are you definitely coming? Thanks Montie

Montie   on 05/08/18 @ 17:17 said:

Bigfoot: Hi just checking re arrangements for Wednesday evening or Thursday morning what is your arrival time/day? Thanks Montie

Jo J   on 07/08/18 @ 9:38 said:

Hi folks, my mum went back into hospital last night and so although I have a large family sharing out looking after, I will most likely not be able to join you all after all Does Bigfoot need a camping ticket still...or might anyone know someone who might be interested in using my tickets...?

Jo J   on 07/08/18 @ 9:39 said:

PS no need for any dosh, it would just be better not to waste the tickets and camping permit!

Chris50   on 07/08/18 @ 19:00 said:

Do we have to bring a lot of cash with us? Or will some places take card payments if I run out?!

Jo J   on 07/08/18 @ 20:45 said:

Greetings all - Walking On (Dave) is very kindly taking my camping and festival tickets and my Wed pm camping and Thurs early am breakfast at Hare & Hound too, much relief as I would be sad to see it go to waste. One Day I will go to Cropredy, just not this year. Enjoy one and all %u263A X

Walking On   on 07/08/18 @ 21:22 said:

Many thanks Jo! I'll be frantically packing tomorrow and will see you all in the Hare & Hounds. If I can't get the exhaust fixed tomorrow then you will hear me arrive!

catwalker   on 07/08/18 @ 21:40 said:

All the best to you and your mum Jo. Sorry you have to miss it but great someone else can still enjoy it. Take care x

Montie   on 07/08/18 @ 22:40 said:

Jo very sorry to hear re your mum - hope she is better soon! Dave look forward to seeing/meeting you - will you be there Wednesday evening or arriving early Thursday? Also can you please message me your mob no thanks Montie

Montie   on 07/08/18 @ 22:43 said:

Re money best to have a good bit of cash but from memory they do have some card machines.
I will do a final check list in the morning looking forward to it and the cooler day temps although would be great if we could keep the warm evenings!

Walking On   on 08/08/18 @ 9:50 said:

I'll drive down this evening and camp behind the pub. Have PM'd my mobile number. See you all soon.

Walking On   on 08/08/18 @ 11:34 said:

Breakfast for me, please!

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