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Yes - definitely: going4gold, Margijo, andy m, Walking On, BigBadJohn, Phil H, Jo J, Highpeakman, Sheils, Bea ( Pebbles)
Yes - maybe: Rachael 234, Cazzer, chris2003, Tinks, Tothehillsandback, Morningdawn, Honey Bun, Tabone, jo_jo, Jill18
Sorry - can't come: Mitch, JacquiT, catwalker, Carpe Diem!, Lazlo Woodbine, Peak Rambler, Jo1, Janhk, Miss T

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Mitch   on 08/02/18 @ 2:06 said:

Ah some walking now we're talking

Highpeakman   on 14/02/18 @ 16:53 said:

I'd better come Jo, just in case you decide to try some high level tree swinging again, and need a knight in shining armour whose's STILL got an injury from last time!!!! x

Highpeakman   on 14/02/18 @ 16:56 said:

or who's, even!!!

Jo J   on 14/02/18 @ 19:08 said:

...oh no HPM, had no idea there were lasting effects, a true gallant knight you do indeed would be wonderful to see you, seems way too long! Mitch: so glad you are joining in too, we will be walking for certain sure!

Mitch   on 15/02/18 @ 12:03 said:

hahaha Highpeakman i remember that is was sooooo funny

Lazlo Woodbine   on 17/02/18 @ 16:51 said:

Just as long as we don't leave a pub with a decent rock band to go to another where there are arran sweaters going diddly dee.

Jo J   on 19/02/18 @ 21:52 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: seem to remember plenty of ho hums and diddly dee songs emanating from your good self, to my is after all a folk festival weekend, though 'folk' embraces a wide variety too...Please rest assured the walks and pubs an route will most likely be diddly free, aiming to recce later in year then post updates. Personally I enjoy a huge range of music, including rock - was brought up on classical plus Pete Seeger and other folk songs by my guitar & piano playing father.

going4gold   on 21/02/18 @ 17:55 said:

Do we need to book any accomodation?

Jo J   on 21/02/18 @ 19:44 said:

going4gold: Yes, probably best soon done! I camped in college field 2 years ago, others camped on proper sites and folk met up each day/evening. Had hoped to suggest backpackers hostel (as YHA is a bit of a haul after a few bevvies)...but unfortunately the backpacker's is now closed, so I booked into a b&b. Hope you find a good place!

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 21/02/18 @ 22:01 said:

Count me and tilly in

Jo J   on 22/02/18 @ 6:51 said:

Just Bea: Excellent, I look forward to catching up with you!

Mitch   on 24/02/18 @ 8:50 said:

Sadly I still ain't got any single bottles of black stump to share with you Jo.

Jo J   on 24/02/18 @ 19:41 said:

Mitch: No worries!

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 25/02/18 @ 20:11 said:

Jo J Me too

Fiddle   on 27/02/18 @ 8:13 said:

I may be over there diddly deeing- (no Arran jumper though). Would be good to meet up at some point...

Jo J   on 27/02/18 @ 18:23 said:

Fiddle: brill, will definitely look out for you and will be letting all know where/when planning to meet up, once recce done. Most likely posting updates early May.

Walking On   on 05/03/18 @ 22:42 said:

Anyone else planning on staying past the weekend?

Tabone   on 23/04/18 @ 20:10 said:

Are dogs allowed and how easy is it to get digs for the night?

Jo J   on 01/05/18 @ 19:52 said:

Tabone: It's worth looking for somewhere that suits you to stay fairly soon, as it can get busy. The routes checked so far have dog-friendly stile flaps much of the way...but there are sheep and there are some steeper/stone stiles/stepping stones. These can be bypassed on alternative routes for less agile dogs or dogs too big to carry over tricky bits

Highpeakman   on 30/05/18 @ 18:27 said:

I'm now booked in for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening!

Jo J   on 01/06/18 @ 14:21 said:

Highpeakman: Excellent much looking forward to seeing folk, seems ages!
Where are you staying?

Phil H   on 03/06/18 @ 15:14 said:

I've just booked 3 nights camping at the community college camp site.

Highpeakman   on 09/06/18 @ 20:16 said:

Jo: I'm staying at the Community college, temporary camping and caravan site. It's only 10 minutes walk from town!!

Jo J   on 11/06/18 @ 21:16 said:

Highpeakman: Great, glad you sorted it - I plan on staying over Friday, Saturday & Sunday too.

Walking On   on 12/06/18 @ 17:35 said:

I've booked on Moor & Coast as well, 4 nights from the first Friday

Walking On   on 12/06/18 @ 20:10 said:

That's the community college, same as HPM and Phil H

Jo J   on 23/07/18 @ 16:58 said:

Greetings, I know some of you are also hoping to go along to some of the festival music and events (having paid for festival tickets!), so have updated the invite description to show just two fixed meet ups posted as part of this invite (for Friday evening's pub and for a Saturday walk). I hope that is OK - we can share ideas/potential plans over maps during breaks on Saturday's walk too.

Margijo   on 24/07/18 @ 21:43 said:

I've booked Whitby college camping for Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. Looking forward to the weekend.

Highpeakman   on 08/08/18 @ 16:57 said:

Anyone who is aware of Jo's family illness problems and is coming for the weekend, there are plenty of navigational and walk leading wizards among us to ensure a brilliant walking weekend!!! Jo, please keep this in mind please, and don't worry if things go sour, your mother comes first! x

Jo J   on 08/08/18 @ 18:33 said:

Highpeakman:Oh Wow. You really are lovely. Much appreciated. Big Hugs.

Bea ( Pebbles)   on 10/08/18 @ 23:50 said:

Looking forward to my first OD walk this year....Its been a long time

BigBadJohn   on 11/08/18 @ 13:41 said:

I've booked Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon nights at the campsite. See you at the pub. What time should we meet?

Walking On   on 14/08/18 @ 15:33 said:

There are decent-looking loops from Robin Hood's Bay. We could take the bus down and back. Here's an 8.5 miler which could easily be extended or shortened:
Happy to lead it Sunday or Monday - not pre-reccied...

Highpeakman   on 14/08/18 @ 18:54 said:

Are your walks ever pre-reccied, Dave? I'll have my Sat Nav with me and bail you out of the sh*te, as usual!!!

Walking On   on 14/08/18 @ 20:13 said:

I enjoy a bit of adventure - but no worry HPM, I've got the OS app and maps on my phone now.

Highpeakman   on 14/08/18 @ 20:19 said:


Mitch   on 15/08/18 @ 9:25 said:

I am going from my home directly to Grosmont on the Saturday morning on my motorbike and i would like very much to know if anybody is going to Grosmont by car and who would kindly please let me leave my motorbike gear (helmet etc) in there car while we go walking.

andy m   on 15/08/18 @ 18:12 said:

Mitch I'm driving to grosmont, if you want to leave your gear in my car, no problem! Will see you all at grosmont, and thanks jo for organising x

Jo J   on 15/08/18 @ 19:39 said:

Hello, if all goes well I am heading to Whitby after work on Friday, so probably won't reach the pub before 8:30pmish, but hope others might get there a bit earlier and with spread themselves round the big table on the left as you go in downstairs, or colonize upstairs if that is already taken. I will with have to head away Sat pm or Sun pm now, depending on how my mum goes on, but have sisters covering Sat am so should be able to do the walk on Saturday. Fingers crossed as it would be great to see all yous lovely peeps. %uD83D%uDE0A X

Jo J   on 15/08/18 @ 19:41 said:

No idea where all the extra 'with' came from...!

Mitch   on 15/08/18 @ 20:21 said:

Thanks andy m

Highpeakman   on 15/08/18 @ 20:38 said:

Thanks Jo, I'll see you on Friday evening. Everyone who's coming for the weekend, there will be walks on both Sunday and Monday. If you need to know any further info before Saturday's walk from Grosmont, or need to know Sunday and Monday meeting place and times, you can contact me on my mobile for more information. 07718 795410

Carpe Diem!   on 16/08/18 @ 5:22 said:

Jo J: Hi Jo... hope this goes really well. Hoped to come but I'm off to the Edinburgh Fest on Sunday. But must do this one year! More importantly, hope your mum is ok... thinking of you J x

Jill18   on 16/08/18 @ 17:16 said:

Shame i cant go on your Whitby weekend Jo...but sad to hear about your Mum being unwell..thinking of you and sending you love and hugs xx

Jo J   on 16/08/18 @ 20:52 said:

Carpe Diem!: hope you have a fab time in Edinburgh%uD83D%uDE0A Jill18 and all...Many thanks for all your lovely good mum is improving and returning to feisty good form albeit with much strength to regain, thank you. We are a large family, so can share out looking after times and I do hope to be in Whitby tomorrow evening and to do Saturday's walk. X

Walking On   on 17/08/18 @ 19:00 said:

On the campsite - and it has just started raining! Roughly in the middle of the field, silver-green Picasso GV06NVB.

Phil H   on 17/08/18 @ 20:21 said:

Derek & myself are in middle earth now. Its a bit crowded

Jo J   on 17/08/18 @ 22:03 said:

Fiddle: we are in Middle Earth this evening and would love to hear you play...where are you fiddling - this evening or Sat pm as an alternative...?

Jo J   on 19/08/18 @ 8:56 said:

many thanks one and all - great to meet some for the 1st time and to catch up at long last with others - so glad we had good weather yesterday too - phew! Happy days.

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