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Yes - definitely: Angie Babe, Cazzer, Walking On, Strider, Lazlo Woodbine, Peak Rambler, Camino Queen, jo_jo
Yes - maybe: Rural Lass?, Gazelle, ruth
Sorry - can't come: Birdsong, Twotone, Montie

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Camino Queen   on 31/12/17 @ 18:37 said:

Wow I will take that as a compliment you want to join me again..or like me you simply have to 'slip off' to keep your sanity. I am on to flights and hotels. Lots of walking and easy access around town by foot phew!

Camino Queen   on 01/01/18 @ 8:59 said:

Wow that is amazing to wake up to on New Year so I am definitely looking at flights and hotels.
Vuelling look promising for flights and a new experience too.
Thanks David as in Walking On for this link if you fancy a cycle - hey one mode of transport we didn't try in Lisbon! Try this link...

Twotone   on 02/01/18 @ 8:50 said:

I was considering an Explore walking trip from Seville this year (Walking in the Sierra Aracena) It may be worth looking at the trip and see what they do and where they walk. I tried to do this this morning but I have not been able to download the trip notes (website error?)

Camino Queen   on 02/01/18 @ 9:57 said:

HI twotone56 so you missed us. Well Adam (Ruby Walls) won the tart eating competition - there's a surprise!!!
Thanks be great and just email me...long as not a 1000 steps to any hotels or seven modes of transport eh Lisbonians!
Thanks for tip re the via card though Tony we burnt it out

Camino Queen   on 07/01/18 @ 10:57 said:

Thanks for your patience. Get back to you Slipoffs' in few days. Very exciting but lots more before.

Camino Queen   on 08/01/18 @ 22:30 said:

Wow so many of you. I can't believe you guys come back on my tours so many times and so many new ones. I love you all...

Camino Queen   on 25/01/18 @ 19:32 said:

Ok it will be a two part tour. We are planning to stay for a few days in Seville and then if you want to return that is fine or a few of us will be moving on to do some more walking over New Year. TwotoneTony is helping me with this tour and has some great ideas. Shame Ruby Walls (Adam) all the more vino in Spain for the rest of us - you will be dearly missed.....

Angie Babe   on 28/01/18 @ 18:55 said:

Definitely want to be away this Christmas/New Year. Just a thought but some friends went to Spain for Christmas/New Year this year and stayed in an airbnb and they said it was great and low on cost.

Camino Queen   on 28/01/18 @ 21:05 said:

Hi Angie Babe be great for you to join us. I do air b n b at home and it's a great option. We don't use it for tours as I prefer for large groups. It offers a highly supportive customer service and security for all parties which I have learned air b n b do not provide...

Angie Babe   on 06/02/18 @ 20:27 said:

Still really interested in Christmas, New Year. Still sole and don't know if that is going to change, so definitely want to make sure I don't have another Christmas on my own

Camino Queen   on 07/02/18 @ 21:33 said:

HI Angie Babe don't worry not forgotten this. I'm just waiting for Seville flights. Don't be alone and even if you meet someone bring them along as some couples do join us- everyone is welcome!

Camino Queen   on 28/02/18 @ 4:25 said:

UPDATE. RYAN AIR FLIGHTS NOW OUT. Ok so flights from East Midlands to Seville are now out but it is the 23rd December returning on the 30th. However, as I said this tour is in 2 parts with a visit to the city of Seville until the 30th and then those who wish to return can do so whilst the rest of us are going to move on for more walking. We will probably catch a train to another resort but return on the 3rd to catch the flight back from Seville to make life easy.
I am going to book the 23rd December flight at ?50 from East Midlands, returning on the 3rd January.
I am looking at a small hotel and costs for a twin room from 23rd-30th should be apx ?250 max inc breakfast or ?220 without.

Camino Queen   on 28/02/18 @ 4:46 said:

If you want to come I highly suggest you book your flight asap as all Manchester flights are sold out and Easyjet do not fly to Seville, There are London more expensive flights. You do not have to come on the 23rd if you have commitments.
But please text me on 07477566167 or email before you book your flight.
A deposit of ?50 will be required for part 1 in Seville and ?40 for part 2. Additional cost for part 2 will be about ?120 accomodation and train fare. More info to follow but grab your place. Thanks Diane

Camino Queen   on 28/02/18 @ 4:49 said:

Just to clarify that is ?120 for accomodation plus train fare return. Thanks

Lazlo Woodbine   on 28/02/18 @ 9:42 said:

Booked 23rd to 3rd Jan.

Camino Queen   on 28/02/18 @ 18:36 said:

PLease note a 'maybe' or 'definite' does not put you on the tour. If you are definitely wanting to come in this instance please contact me to confirm you want to come on 07477 566 167 or email as I will need to approve your request prior to you booking the flight.
A non refundable deposit of ?50 is required then for part 1 and an additional ?40 for part 2. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Di

jo_jo   on 28/02/18 @ 20:04 said:

Di I am all booked from East Midlands from 23rd to 30th December. Woo hoo %uD83D%uDE04%uD83D%uDE05

Camino Queen   on 01/03/18 @ 8:27 said:

Brill Jo Jo and thanks for call to check. Best to make sure enough places first.

Camino Queen   on 04/03/18 @ 8:47 said:

Thanks Brenda and David for booking too. Flights have gone up with Ryan Air by ?10 early so I kindly suggest you book quickly. Don't forget to message me on or text 0747766167 first. Thanks for your support as always Di

Peak Rambler   on 04/03/18 @ 12:11 said:

Flights booked for 23rd and 3oth Dec, still ?103 total. Sounds another great Xmas jaunt to look forward to.

Camino Queen   on 04/03/18 @ 17:24 said:

Thanks Peak Rambler yes of course an brilliant you got a good deal still. Very looking forward to a year of fun and friendship on holiday with you wonderful guys

Walking On   on 04/03/18 @ 17:34 said:

Booked 23rd Dec to 3rd Jan

Camino Queen   on 05/03/18 @ 18:15 said:

HI Walking On that is great to welcome you on board again

Camino Queen   on 20/03/18 @ 7:16 said:

HI now I am back from Madeira could I ask for those definites to pay the ?50 deposit for the first part if not already and ?90 if staying 2 parts if you haven't already.
Thanks for joining us on our annual 'Escape Holiday'.

Camino Queen   on 14/04/18 @ 7:51 said:

Flights released from London Luton if you prefer departing 23 aand return on 30 from ?118. Easy Jet Still return flights with Ryan Air from East Mids but price gone up. If you are returning on the 3rd Jan there is a good deal. Thanks Di

Camino Queen   on 10/05/18 @ 5:43 said:

HI I have quite a lot of maybe interest for this tour and I only have 2 places left so I don't want to disappoint anybody.
If you have been in touch or a 'maybe' please book asap as don't want to disappoint anyone and leave you home alone this Christmas Thanks Di

Camino Queen   on 31/05/18 @ 14:58 said:

HI as there are a couple of other friends who joined us previously from another club this tour is now full.
If you are interested I can put you on the waiting list. Sorry no places available to stay elsewhere due to the nature of the walks/tours. Thanks Di

Lazlo Woodbine   on 22/07/18 @ 20:12 said:

They have opened the Camino del Rey to the public after safety work to prevent you falling to your death. I would be up for it if anyone else is.

Camino Queen   on 24/07/18 @ 7:57 said:

HI Lazio Woodbine I think you have put the Camino del Rey on the wrong invite ha ha....this is Seville for Christmas!

Please no responses to this on this invite as I think it will confuse people...we are Slipping off to Seville for Christmas as an escape Doug not off a cliff face!!!

If you are interested in Doug's comment please in box him on OD. Thanks Di

Camino Queen   on 24/07/18 @ 10:12 said:

Oh I see this is a cliff face walk in Malaga? Well seeing as Google says it is an extremely dangerous hike I won't be offering it...I prefer to go out with 11 people and return with 11 people..sorry way too extreme for my heart and I don't want sleepless nights..Doug (Lazio Woodbine) you are too wild..take some plsters

Strider   on 04/09/18 @ 23:40 said:

Camino Queen: Is there a reserve list for this?

Camino Queen   on 16/10/18 @ 9:22 said:

HI Strider you can come along now as we have two spaces...sorry just saw note. I'll email you direct too
If anyone else is interested message me at Going to be great tour and who wants to be alone at Christmas when you can be with your OD friends on an escape

Camino Queen   on 20/10/18 @ 19:26 said:

Welcome on board Strider...see you on our face book page Slipping off to Seville. Thanks Di

Camino Queen   on 17/11/18 @ 11:18 said:

Hope you all fancy a party night of tapas and sangria on 24th...Spanish fancy dress hat optional or something of good taste...
Day to explore the beautiful city ...

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/11/18 @ 10:56 said:

Anyone wanting to lift and parking share to EMA please contact. I am staying until 3rd Jan.

Camino Queen   on 19/11/18 @ 12:45 said:

HI Doug is it too far to come to Upper Tean as I'll be driving down and free parking brother lives at Castle Donington so can catch the Sky Lark..
I have space for three only as my car is a little one.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/11/18 @ 21:14 said:

A bit out my way CQ, thanks all the same. I will contact likely candidates directly.

Camino Queen   on 20/11/18 @ 17:18 said:

Ok no worries but FREE parking might tempt you

Camino Queen   on 26/11/18 @ 11:18 said:

Hi so we are now full. Christmas Dinner has been booked by Jo Jo for all of us..Also on the 24th a palace visit so we owe Jo 1 Euro each when we get there.
I'll keep you all updated on face book and email regarding meet up at the airport and other side.
Any questions just ask..Thanks Di

Camino Queen   on 03/12/18 @ 19:24 said:

HI anybody not flying from the East Midlands please let me know as I think we all are..
There is a shuttle bus for us at Seville so don't worry and we'll all stay together.
I have suggested you may wish to take a flask and travel kettle as not one in the room
Toiletries and towels provided plus a hairdryer if requested from reception
Any questions just ask Thanks Di

Walking On   on 07/12/18 @ 13:37 said:

Guided cycle tour on 27th for 3 hours, plus bike hire for a further 5 hours. Details on FB, please let me know asap if you want to do this.

Camino Queen   on 15/12/18 @ 17:51 said:

Sorry if you get a note to say changes made on Seville tour I simply took off a free space as we are all full and ready to go. Any last minutes changes don't worry I will email you
See you at the airport thanks Diane

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