Lazlo Woodbine   on 13/10/18 @ 21:54 said:

Thanks for the kind words Maz. I will remember the Stromboli trip until mu last breath, not just for the thrill of seeing eruptions but for the none stop laughs on that terrifying descent in the dark. I must visit Sicily again.

Janhk   on 14/10/18 @ 19:18 said:

Just like to add my thanks to Doug for the mammoth task of organising transport, hotels and guided trip for our Sicily adventure. Certainly had the wow factor particularly Stromboli! Loved every minute and thanks to all for your great company

jo_jo   on 15/10/18 @ 19:13 said:

Thank you Doug it really was a terrific adventure. Loved the islands of Stromboli and Lipari and being so close to the crater of Stromboli with its night-time display was a sight to behold. Lots of fun along the way

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