Heather Valley  on 09/01/19 @ 14:19 said:

Pegwell Bay

Alan   on 09/01/19 @ 16:51 said:

Tried to do this a few years back, but there was a large industrial estate in the way (used to be Pfizer), so you had to go inland or along the main road, then cut back along the river and across Royal St. Georges golf course to the sea.

May have changed though and someone might know better, as a Kent coastal path is supposed to have been established.

Best of luck, Alan.

Heather Valley  on 09/01/19 @ 20:05 said:

Thank you, that's helpful. I hate it when footpaths don't join up!

Alan   on 10/01/19 @ 9:09 said:

Have checked my coastal footpath book and yes, you do need to go via the old tollbridge as you enter Sandwich, but can go further north from there around the edge of Sandwich flats and Princes golf course to the coast.

As you thought, there's no direct route across the first small estuary.

Heather Valley  on 10/01/19 @ 11:34 said:

Thank you Chris and Alan. I don't like leaving bits out, but it's tempting just to start with the White Cliffs Country Trail, and forget about going back to Ramsgate.

Heather Valley  on 15/01/19 @ 20:57 said:

In St Margaret's Bay my mobile phone suddenly jumped ahead an hour and my mobile phone provider sent a text saying I wasn't being charged for data roaming in France!

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