Dale   on 06/01/19 @ 16:12 said:

Such a shame that you missed a group of good OD folk up there over New year but to be honest there are some good OD folk quite well scattered about. I recommend adding yourself on to an invitation somewhere

Lazlo Woodbine   on 07/01/19 @ 9:37 said:

Northumberland is a great place to walk. The paths are not as eroded as in the Peak District or Lake District. It is far less crowded and there is a good variety of scenery, from high moorlands to coastal paths.

grumpygit   on 07/01/19 @ 15:09 said:

@Dale.. Its a new year and new opportunities

@ Lazio... You are right Buddy, there are so many gems up there. I am into my history as well and there is so much of it up there. Right now the Southerners have not caught onto the place, I hope it stays that way mostly.

catwalker   on 07/01/19 @ 17:44 said:

Oyoyoy cheeky! I holidayed at Seahouses, North Northumberland as a kid! Mind you I was in Warwickshire back then, but still...

grumpygit   on 07/01/19 @ 19:38 said:

I am Southerner myself AW, born and bred in Wimbledon

catwalker   on 07/01/19 @ 19:48 said:

Ooh you turncoat! You%u2019re softer than I am!

grumpygit   on 07/01/19 @ 20:30 said:

I am further Opp Norf now, could never afford to go back to Wimbledon now, so I am a little bit tougher these days. Still take my Pj,s wild camping though

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