Carpe Diem!   on 01/01/19 @ 18:53 said:

Hi Stuart.
I notice that you haven't replied to the walk invitation. If the organiser doesn't have your name, they wouldn't be expecting you and could change the arrangements or leave early with the "definite" people.
Sorry you didn't meet anyone and I hope you'll stick with the site as it's fantastic.
Best wishes Jonathan

chrissy100   on 01/01/19 @ 21:40 said:

Sorry you missed us today Stuart. Keith, Jill, Bryn the Labrador, and myself were outside the visitor centre in Castleton at 9.55 scanning the car park. We waited until just after 10.05. Spotted a nice motorbike in the car park but the rider didnt walk over to us so didn%u2019t think you were coming as you had my phone number and I didn%u2019t get a message.
It was a nice day so hope you managed to do something else.
We had a stroll up cavedale and stopped off at windy knoll for a quick break before heading up Mam Tor.
Lovely views before we headed back down for a well earned cuppa at the visitor centre cafe.

stuart 2000   on 02/01/19 @ 6:29 said:

I rang you and left a message, I didn't know who I was looking for , if I said I was coming on a bike with a dog it was pretty obvious, hay ho jog on

landranger68   on 02/01/19 @ 9:10 said:

Hi Stuart,
I also had no idea who i was meeting,but waited by the Visitor centre until i saw Christine looking at me and made herself known.
When i lead a walk i start on time,unless i receive a message of an unexpected delay.
I would say that your comments are uncalled for
We actually left at 10:08
Thank you for your comments Jonty

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