ruth   on 23/12/18 @ 9:48 said:

Keep a watch on the invites there are walks posted on there you can join

Cathy (and David )   on 01/01/19 @ 20:51 said:

Lots of us up in the Lakes... I also walk in 3 peaks area...but I wouldn't recommend the full 3 in one'll just get sore feet and miss seeing the beautiful landscape properly.

Site Admin   on 03/01/19 @ 13:46 said:

The Y3P is a long day, and a support team at the Ribble Head viaduct can be useful, though not strictly necessary. Plenty of route guides online, but not recommended on your own.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 04/01/19 @ 12:50 said:

3 peaks, just follow the crowds, can't go wrong. On a summer weekend it is something similar to Oxford St at the post Xmas sales.

Sharon 65   on 20/01/19 @ 20:26 said:

The 3 peaks is easily achievable just do a good part of the training distance before you attempt the biggie. Ive done it a few times in all weathers and like lazlo says theres alway folk enroute to advise /help if u go off track

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