Lazlo Woodbine   on 05/12/18 @ 12:30 said:

I know a few ODers from North wales but most are fairly athletic but I can help you out with your other problem. If you look down past threads there is one covering plantar fasciitis and I can tell you from personal experience you don't slowly recover from it. What you need to do is support the arch with some suitable insoles. Some use Superfeet insoles and swear by them but I use Sorbothane pro. Try some out and you will be amazed by the results. Don't bother with cortisone injections in the foot, waste of time and they hurt a bit.

Mat   on 05/12/18 @ 12:51 said:

Hi Lazlo,

Yes, I've noticed most seem to be into scrabbling and such. I will have a look at that thread thanks. I've seen physiotherapist and podiatrist and they have helped me out with arch support and insoles, and as you say, they have made a lot of difference. I had steroid injection between the toes of my right foot some years ago for a problem I had that wasn't really identified, it was painful, but did the trick.

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