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Dale   on 26/11/18 @ 16:40 said:

Bit too far for me I%u2019m afraid, sometimes go to my local wall, especially in the dark nights. Good idea though

chrissy100   on 26/11/18 @ 18:02 said:

Good idea. I%u2019d be up for doing a saturday session fortnightly with trips to Sheffield or Stockport as well.

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 26/11/18 @ 21:35 said:

Out doors on the Rocks in wales - Splendid

Jo J   on 27/11/18 @ 11:06 said:

Greetings, sounds interesting - especially if at least starting during the daytime for those travelling some way & planned to be interspersed with some Sheffield slots too please...maybe combined with a Fat Cat or Kelham Island wind down...

Maz   on 27/11/18 @ 17:17 said:

Harrogate a bit far for me from North Wales but I've just dragged myself back to the plastic this winter and thoroughly enjoying it. We go every week to the Boardroom on Deeside( just over the border and very convenient for commuters and locals alike).

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 27/11/18 @ 18:27 said:

Back to the Plastic MaZ ! Sounds like a credit rating game, I may need to visit one of these indoor plastic things, so I can keep my edge when CIESLW 2019 arrives in the busy scheme of Ridgewalker Adventures. %uD83D%uDE42%uD83D%uDE0E%uD83D%uDE42 if I remember correctly you think I%u2019m a Lunitic on the Rocks, it would make a good Cocktail, next up some subtle delights in Snowdonia.

Flat cap (Mike)   on 28/11/18 @ 11:52 said:

Would be great to have a climbing group forming. I started going to the Nottingham climbing wall about once a week, could do Derby and/or Sheffield if that's better for others. Harrogate is a long way from my place (although in summer, Brimham Rocks would be tempting). If there is enough interest perhaps we could rotate places?

Flat cap (Mike)   on 28/11/18 @ 12:32 said:

just looked at the map, and Stoke and Warwick would be a similar distance to me as Sheffield - so I would be happy to meet up at those places

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