Camino Queen   on 21/11/18 @ 13:32 said:

Hi Steve..Yes it's a fair point and I tried to buy Glyn a drink Sunday but he'd had to take some folk home..most of the people left in the bar had the same you say it's a big effort
On my holidays I know people have been very kind and appreciative in many ways with drinks anf gifts. I think some members feel it is just part of membership and it takes a while to understand the set up and these walk leaders are volunteers.
If anyone wants to buy me a bottle of wine it's rioja...Glyn does blackcurrant and lemonade..HPM??? Miss T? Lazio likes a litre if Italian beer..
Any other invitees...??

Miss T   on 21/11/18 @ 21:10 said:

I don't need or expect anything in return for my efforts. That's not what I meant when I said about being taken for granted.
Just a "thank you, I really enjoyed that!" will do for me and it's lovely when folk start threads post walk to say just that
I've arranged a couple of walks to coincide with Mitch's camping week for the last 2 years and both years, he very kindly gave me a bottle to show his appreciation...but I didn't expect it. I'm not really much of a drinker anyway, to be honest.
If someone wants to buy me a coffee after a walk, then that's really nice...but I don't need any more than that.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 22/11/18 @ 10:11 said:

I avoid disappointment, I never expect anything. The company on a walk is reward enough.

Mitch   on 22/11/18 @ 12:06 said:

and Tracey my very very dearest friend I will continue to do so because I very much appreciate what you do for my camping week and I have always known you did not do walks for any gain just sincerely because you wanted but I so much wanted to show my appreciation.x

Miss T   on 22/11/18 @ 14:24 said:


Site Admin   on 22/11/18 @ 17:04 said:

Mitch: A true Gent.
Miss T: Good times are a good reward in themselves

Miss T   on 23/11/18 @ 10:28 said:

Site Admin: Very true on both counts

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