KateB    on 14/11/18 @ 12:48 said:

They are a brilliant piece of kit, had many a cosy lunch in mine while the elements are doing their worst. I have a 2 man which is fine for 2 and I went for the ultralight Terra Nova version. Not cheap, but it is so light and small I don't have to think twice about putting it in my rucksack.

TC   on 14/11/18 @ 15:07 said:

I carry a Lifesystems survival bivvy bag, which I've never used but I was tempted on Sunday. If I'd known Kate had her shelter with her I'd have raided her rucksack! I haven't got one but I have enjoyed hospitality in one when I was on a nav course and they are definitely a good idea when you are likely to be hanging around on a mountain in poor conditions.

fresh air   on 14/11/18 @ 19:54 said:

I carry a 4 person Terra Nova ( Autumn /Winter only ).
I had never used it until Sunday .
It kept the wind and rain off Me and the %uD83D%uDC08 while we were hanging around by
the stretcher box waiting to ascend Great Gable.
Ideal for what I want , could be invaluable in a real emergency situation so
I think it%u2019s a wise investment.

fresh air   on 14/11/18 @ 19:56 said:

Cat...... ; )

catwalker   on 14/11/18 @ 20:15 said:

Thanks Col. It was cosy and dry and lots of fun!! 3 maybe but 4? I%u2019m not so sure. Let%u2019s try that next year %uD83D%uDE09

trekkie  on 15/11/18 @ 7:08 said:

Do I sense a new challenge?

fresh air   on 15/11/18 @ 10:15 said:

I think it could well be

TC   on 15/11/18 @ 17:40 said:

The weather is going to glorious next year but we could still give it a go.

Site Admin   on 20/11/18 @ 11:45 said:

Superb things. Essential in winter and I have used mine in earnest when a Scout was suffering hypothermia. My kids loved it, when the whinging started the bothy came out along with the biscuits - a real giggle.

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