gem1000   on 18/11/18 @ 22:31 said:

Sarah: Where would we be without them? Thanks for posting

landranger68   on 19/11/18 @ 8:29 said:

Very true and also a member of the Woodland Trust.There is a Tree dedicated to my late Wife in Fellside Wood,Old Hutton

sarah   on 19/11/18 @ 19:41 said:

Thanks for your responses, jem1000 & landranger68. Dedicating tree is a wonderful way to honour a life.

mirador   on 20/11/18 @ 17:23 said:

One of the joys of being out and about in the UK is the fabulous variety of types and numerous individual specimen trees that can be found all over the country

Philtheetiler   on 30/11/18 @ 14:17 said:

Interesting link:-

sarah   on 02/12/18 @ 10:35 said:

Love cedars, too, 'iansmyname...' No photos of cedars, but have just posted piccie of fab trees at Fingle - the amazing restoration project (over 800 acres) with National Trust & Woodland Trust working in partnership.

sarah   on 02/12/18 @ 10:36 said:

Mirador - recall clearly being on your OD walk above Tintern some while ago now. Gorgeous trees in that area. Hope all is well with you?

sarah   on 02/12/18 @ 10:39 said:

Philtheetiler - thanks for interesting link. Engaging children with nature so important. Here's another with that in mind, the now fully-funded The Lost Words in Devon project:

mirador   on 10/12/18 @ 17:04 said:

Hi sarah, all good here thanks. Yes, the lost puppy walk, that was a good outing. I did that walk again about this time last year and discovered that we had missed a very special yew tree that was hiding behind us at the Tintern overlook. Worth going back for!

sarah   on 10/12/18 @ 20:59 said:

Oh yes, Mirador! The search for the lost pup. Team work that ended well. Hope to meet the yew tree next time.

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