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Maz   on 12/11/18 @ 16:48 said:

Great weekend as usual. The trio that ignored the dire forecast for Friday, T.C, Janhk and myself, managed a lovely walk on the Friday over to Watendlath, up onto Grange Fell before going down and over Castle Crag. I also had an afternoon walk on Thursday up Ling Fell and Sale Fell more or less in the dry. The group walk on Saturday following Stephen, our local expert, up the direct route onto Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag was excellent. Yes it rained at the end and we had a bit of water on the paths but we can all swim can't we????
Hey ho it was good preparation for the mass ascent of Great Gable on the Sunday.

Maz   on 12/11/18 @ 16:57 said:

Sunday saw us, blurry eyed walking from the hostel to Seathwaite and up Great Gable for a service, that although most of us couldn't actually hear due to the wind, rain and hailstones, was very moving as we were lost on our own thoughts of loved ones - past and present. Some members of the group, including HPM and David tried to develop their own rolling on the floor style of walking but we didn't lose anyone well apart from Janet on Sunday but we won't mention that. Huge thanks to Kate for organising, feeding us and quietly keeping an eye on everyone. It is so much appreciated. X

Janhk   on 12/11/18 @ 17:33 said:

Many thanks to Kate for organising a great weekend,from coordinating the communal meal on Fri, sorting the pub meal to making walk arrangements. It might have been a bit rainy at times and the paths more like rivers but that didn't deter us seasoned OD walkers! I thoroughly enjoyed my Lakes fix and it was great
to experience remembrance on Great Gable. Thanks all for your good company.

jo_jo   on 12/11/18 @ 17:37 said:

Huge thanks Kate for putting this up and for managing to keep us all together Thanks to the rest of the gang for making this a brilliant day%u2026 in spite of the horrid weather. It was marvellous to be up on Great Gable on this memorable day

barbp-j   on 12/11/18 @ 18:21 said:

Thank you to all for such great company over the weekend. I think I made a good decision for me to stay low on Sunday and attend the service on the top of castle crag, it was raining heavily at the top there and I did think of you all being so much higher. Suzanne and I managed to keep the chatting up but I did miss you all and saying goodbye. Thank you Kate for a lovely meal and all the organising, much appreciated.x

Bigfoot   on 12/11/18 @ 21:08 said:

Much the same from me, thanks Kate for putting it on again, and everybody else for their wonderful company, always great to catch up with old freinds and make new ones. we are blessed arn't we.

TC   on 12/11/18 @ 21:25 said:

Thanks Kate and everyone for a great weekend. Glad we postponed Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag until the better weather and the arrival of lots more friends. Not the best conditions on Great Gable, but we survived, and it was nothing compared to what those brave souls experienced on the battlefields of WW1. We will remember them.

KateB    on 12/11/18 @ 22:52 said:

My thanks to everyone for all you help in making the weekend such a success. I enjoyed every minute, so wonderful to share the magic of the Gable Remembrance service with friends old and new. Invite is up for 2019.....

fresh air   on 12/11/18 @ 22:58 said:

I would just like to echo all what has been said in the previous posts.
Huge thanks to Kate for all the hard work you put into this Weekend.
Yet again I traveled home thinking just how lucky we are to be able
to have such a wonderful weekend and also pay our respects to the
people who sacrificed there lives to make such a thing possible.
Yes.....We will remember them.

TC   on 13/11/18 @ 9:16 said:

I've posted a couple of photos from the weekend.

trekkie  on 13/11/18 @ 10:13 said:

Yeah, not bad was it?

Stephen   on 13/11/18 @ 10:49 said:

Yes, many thanks to Kate once again for organising the weekend - it's a big commitment to cook the Friday meal, book the Langstrath and lead the Remembrance Day walk on the Sunday.

catwalker   on 13/11/18 @ 13:11 said:

Fantastic weekend!!!
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful company! Big thanks especially to Kate and her helpers for the fantastic organisation and walk leadership, to all for the very lovely chats, laughs and OD inspirational folk in abundance!
Such a privilege to be fit and well enough to make the effort up there to mark the centenary of the armistice at 11 on 11/11 (oh the irony of the harmony!)

alpine hiker   on 14/11/18 @ 13:58 said:

Yes thank you so much Kate for organising the w/e. I could only make Sunday's walk up Great Gable so missed out but that was a memorable day on several levels. Great to see everyone and enjoy the experience...

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