Indiana Jane   on 29/10/18 @ 17:55 said:

Sorry Liz, we have in the past had quite a few events in Snowdonia but I'm really busy with work at the moment so I haven't been very active this year. Ridgewalker put on a fine scrambling weekend in July but otherwise it has been rather quite in north Wales. We need someone else to get things kick-started again.

Ridgewalker Dancing again 🥰   on 29/10/18 @ 20:26 said:

Well as it happens as I was explaining to OD friends yesterday unfortunately family distractions only enabled myself to make a fleeting solo visit a couple of weeks ago, as usually a late Autumn week is never missed, and in true tradition of Nov we usually await the storm of Brian or other Atlantic force of nature to add a bit of spice to the event. Ok my free long weekend Slot Shall be 1st-2nd Dec - Watch this Space , and make sure you are weather prepared as only Hurricanes can stop Ridgewalker in his tracks - and I had one those recently %uD83D%uDE0E%uD83D%uDE42%uD83D%uDE0E

Indiana Jane   on 02/11/18 @ 17:15 said:

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?: I have been told about that ridge but haven't done it yet. I should do as it is so close. I'll see if I can find a climber to take me up before I put it on OD as an invite.

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